Can you feel the difference in the air? It feels like spring, even though we had a blizzard on Tuesday, it still feels like spring. It is the time of rebirth, new growth, and hope.

I was in session the other day and the guides told my client to go for a walk on the beach and to feel the sand between her toes and to know that it is sand she has never felt before, as she has never been in this place before. They said that we should look at everything with new eyes, see it for the first time with wonderment, with the eyes of a child.

They are asking us to clear out the lens from which we view our world. Update our perception to match the new energies. The only way to do this is to see what belief systems we are carrying that lock us into the old.

I asked to be shown what this new place we are in looks like and was shown a 5 lane highway, running at high speeds. I had to laugh because that is how it feels as if it is not slowing down and this all will become our new normal. Think to when you first started driving and the first few times you had to go on a major Interstate. It was overwhelming, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. Eventually, though you become used to it and it just became another road to get where you are going. We will adjust to this space/pace as well too.

As we know, adjustment takes time. In some moments it feels so grounded and solid other times it is like walking on marshmallows. Many are reporting dizziness from all that is taking place. The advice from spirit was to get low, get your butt on the ground and breathe into the new space. Seeing a cranial-sacral person was recommended to me by my team and it absolutely assisted. The energy had completely whacked out my cranial bones and the cerebral fluid flow.


Staying on the Edge. 

When we look “out there”, it feels as if things have polarized even more. The allure of the drama, the story, the outrage is strong. There is a hypnotizing quality to it that can suck you right in. Spirit is asking us not to engage in what is collapsing but rather stay in our heart centers. Our best bet is to send love to it all, especially ourselves. When one truly understands energy they don’t hurl insults or hate at someone or something they don’t like. Instead, they send LOVE as that it is the only force that has the ability to change things for the better.

Quite a few have told me that they are seeing mirror numbers for instance 12:21 or 10:01 and upon looking them up as angel numbers it doesn’t hit home. I too have experienced seeing these numbers. When I consulted guidance they said to see it as two sides to a coin. Our job is to stay on the line in the middle. If you are seeing mirror numbers, look at where you are not being neutral, look at where you are “buying” into one narrative over another. One is good, one is bad. One is right, one is wrong, yet they are mirrors of one another. It was advised to stay on the edge of the coin and not get caught up in the narrative.


Manifestation is very quick now

In this new space, Manifestation is incredibly fast. It is trial by fire to understand just how powerful we are as creators of our own reality. Know that if you manifested something that you do not want, then it is your opportunity to see what led to the creation. The rule of thumb here is to be present, aware and to really observant to all that is. Being grounded and centered helps us to manifest from the space of our soul.

One of the ways to ingrain yourself in this new space is to get out into nature. Connect with the perfection of it, the beauty, the patterns. Allow it to ease your nervous system, cleanse you and merge you with the higher timeline.

Look for the signs, the synchronicities, the confirmations from your guidance team to help you navigate & manifest in this reality


Thinning of the Veils

The only veils that exist now are the ones that we hold within ourselves. As we clear the belief systems we will once again realize how connected we are to everything. This is not an overnight process but it is one that we will look back a decade from now and be shocked by how much as changed.

One side effect of this is the increase in spirit activity. I had one client tell me that something was in her home that didn’t feel good and she shouted 3 times “If you are not with God go away” and the being stayed. That is because God is EVERYTHING. The good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I recommend saying that “If you are not from the highest aspect of Source (God) you do not have permission to be in this space.”

Often though it is our filters that make spirit contact scary. A family member kept seeing a girl near him that looked like she was from the scary movie The Grudge. It really freaked him out which is understandable. I was in his home and I saw a female guide near him and she turned to me and said: “Now ask to see me through his eyes.” I did and she was really creepy!  I then worked with him to change the filter that was created by scary movies and helped him to see his guide how she actually was.

Archangel Michael told me important words that I live by “What you see can be manipulated, what you feel cannot.”

Practice feeling from an open heart space and trusting what you feel. If it feels off, it is.


We can no longer walk in two worlds

Whatever masks we have worn are all now coming down. We can no longer compartmentalize who we are. For many being split between who they are within spiritual circles and who they are to the rest of the world was necessary in order to survive and come into their own. However, that time has come to an end. The pain of not being completely authentic will become too great. In all things, the heart must be followed.

For some, this means that radical changes must be made with relationships, career, and even living locations. For many though it simply means that you bring all of you and shine it no matter where you are. There is no dimmer switch,  it is time to be authentically, beautifully YOU.

I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate all of you. It isn’t an easy role to show up for yourself, to love without question, and anchor in this new energy. Be easy on yourself and each other. <3

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