What an exciting time this is! The Great Purge is complete and the work many of you did is astounding. When all the debris is cleared from the collective you will notice a lightening throughout mankind.

This time is very important as we are now in a new phase in this process. We understand that many feel that there has not been enough progress, enough change. We urge you to journal on a daily basis on your thoughts, feeling, emotions and insights you many have received through your day. We feel that if you did this and looked back even one month’s time you would be awed at the changes you have made, not only in your actions, but in your thought processes. You will also be able to see places where themes have arisen for healing. Understanding what needs to change, finding the root cause of the thoughts, behaviors or pattern will help you release it much easier. Often the most difficult part is knowing that things must change or be released but not knowing where to begin or what exactly is causing your discomfort.

We have now entered a new phase of accountability. This is a time when one must leave victim hood behind, appreciate the lessons learned and move on with your purpose. Many of you are having areas where you feel like a victim arise within you. This can be in your relationships, work and even the circumstances of your life. When these arise, sit back and become the observer. How does that emotion feel? Are your thoughts based in truth or in falsehoods you created or that were at one time created for you? Do your best not to react to the feelings and emotions, instead observe. When you are able to observe you can then tell yourself the truth and release the story you created to experience the feeling of victim hood. Many of you may have felt that you released feeling the victim and accepted personal responsibility when you began this journey, Indeed you did. However, these emotions arising are for you to take one last look, one last feel and choose to never allow yourself to feel that way again. Feel how these emotions dis empower you and lower your vibration. As you then state the truth, which makes you accountable for all that you feel and do, take note of that feeling. When you fully own who you are, what you have done and the choices made in your life, your vibration naturally raises and you can then see the beauty in all that has lead you to this place.

In order to move forward from this place you must accept personal mastery and be accountable for all that you have created knowingly and unknowingly. This is a crucial time in your development because buffers have been removed and you are literally attracting to you your thoughts and emotions. We understand that this may cause anxiety in many of you. Know that if you become the observer and monitor your thoughts you will see just how quickly you are able to manifest what you want and also what you do not want. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and moods and the accompanying results will help you to master this area more quickly. We recommend that when working on manifesting things beyond your daily thoughts that you always ask that your highest good and the highest good of all be considered. This is important as it can be difficult to see the far reaching effects. Know that this is a time of trial and error as you step into your mastery. You didn’t learn to ride a bike in one day and nor will you master this skill in one day. Trust yourself and always lead with your heart and you will create and attract to yourself exactly what you need for your growth at this time.

Now is the time to believe fully in this process and yourself. You have done much work and you should be proud of yourself. While this is a time of trial and error, it is only because you are walking into your personal mastery that you are at this phase in the process. Some feel that that they are waiting for something akin to the Big Bang Theory of evolution to take place, an instant ascension if you will. That is not the case. Your development comes in phases and only after you have done the work required to shed yourself of old beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

Be confident that all the work you have done, the changes you have made has moved you to this point in your journey. Believe in what your heart tells you about your progress, not your mind. Don’t allow your thoughts to diminish the incredible progress you have made. When we look upon you, we see masters what are returning home after a long and incredible journey.

Quan Yin

Personal Note:

As I was receiving this channeling, my mind kept flashing to an experiment I read in a Behavioral Psychology class. In the experiment (and I am not condoning it) they took a dog and placed it in a room. They left the door open and electrified the floor around the perimeter. Every time the dog tried to leave, he would get shocked so the dog would naturally avoid the area and stayed in the room. They routinely made the perimeter of the electrified floor wider and wider until the dog was left with only the center of the room. They kept it like this for quite a while. Then they turned off the electrified floor and observed that the dog didn’t even go near the perimeter to even check and see if the floor still shocked him, much less leave the room through the open door. The dog had been conditioned to stay in the tiny area provided. 

I think in some ways we all can react like the dog, by not testing the boundaries, accepting what is and not realizing that we can in fact walk out that door. So many of us, look for the next sign, the next flare, the next planet alignment hoping that this time we will feel different, that we have ascended. There is so much information out there saying how we will be leaving the 3D reality soon, I believe that if you are reading channelings and resonating with them that you have already left the 3D hologram and may be beginning to connect to the new Unity Grid of the 5th Dimensional reality, which is only one of many that you will venture through on your way home.  What if you began to see yourself as an Ascending Master? I say Ascending, because this journey is not finite. What if you decided to test the boundaries, push the envelope and spread your wings? You don’t need anyone’s permission to own your mastery, to step into your soul source. What does your heart whisper to you?

Much Love to You,

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

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