Many of us are finding ourselves in a new space, a new world where we are discovering that nothing operates as it used too. We are having to throw away all that we knew and really FEEL our way through this new space. I remember saying as a child that our world was upside down, nothing worked as it should. Well, now the world is working right side up. It is unlike anything we have experienced but our soul remembers and will help us to navigate this new space. We simply need to follow the lead.

To get a better understanding I asked to be shown where we are right now. I was shown this holding area, like a giant container. Just beyond the holding center was a threshold of the most amazing colors. Peaches, teals, oranges, golds, whites, and pinks. Beyond the thresholds were streams of possibilities, lines of creation that were as numerous as the rays on the sun.

It was shared with me that in this holding area we are being shown all of our beliefs, fears, and doubts. Anything that is holding us back or limiting our potential has to be seen. I asked if this is the “Great Purge” that I had read about and was told:

“We understand why it is called a purge, yet we rather call it a merging. It is a merging of all you are and have been. It allows you to see what still must be healed within. It allows you to properly see patterns, behaviors, and blockages.  From this place, one can choose which to keep and which to transform into another expression.”

They explained to me that beyond that beyond that threshold is the infinite possibilities of whatever we want to create. The only thing that keeps a possibility from becoming a reality is our belief system. My team said to me “Take your desire to open a healing center for children” as a line of potential glowing brightly was pointed out. “Yet if you have the belief within that you do not have the money that belief collapses that potential.” I then watched how lines of possibilities would go dark and disappear based on the limited beliefs and programming held within the body.

I asked how with all the infinite possibilities we are to find our way. The answer is through our heart space while connecting to our highest joy and excitement. (try changing the word fear or anxiety to excitement and shift the experience.)

It was explained that we will not be in this holding place for long and that all that is being shown in our lives is happening to show us where we still hold emotions, programs, and beliefs that will not allow us to live our fullest life, our highest creation.  We are seeing all that is not our SOUL TRUTH so that it can be transmuted from this lifetime and all of our incarnations.

I then had a conversation with Rebecca Dawson ( who is an amazing channel. She helped to further explain this new space that we are in. She described that it is like we are moving through an asteroid field, nothing is clear. Yet, if we move towards something, step up, and ACT, the asteroid field will part opening and creating the path.

In the old reality, we looked for signs, synchronicities, and giant pushes from the universe. Yet now, we must first act – take that leap of faith before the realities align and open up. It is the opposite of how we have always worked.

Now is the time to free yourselves of all limitations and beliefs created in this lifetime and others. Open yourself up to your highest joy & expression. KNOW deep within that all the possibilities exist and create from this space.

I hope that you are seeing the Magic of this new space and in it finding the moments to play. In a recent session with a client, the guides told her to PLAY AWAY all that was ailing her. It was brilliant advice as being in the state of play and joy is a way to experience the fullest expression of our soul.

Sending you lots of LOVE

Jenny Schiltz

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