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The Path of the Mayan healings will be sent from the many sites we will visit. The Equinox healing will be sent from Placencia. 

These healings are designed to help you raise your vibration, access the ascension codes , and clear out where there may be distortions.  Spirit will dictate the full scope of this healing, and I, as the vessel, will bring it to you.

Scroll beyond form to understand the greater importance of this trip. 

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Healing Option 1: –


This Distance Healing will be sent on March 19th from Placencia, on the Caribbean Sea. I will work with the crystal pyramids, sacred waters, and Mayan energies. 

You will receive an email about what happened by the end of the day on March 22nd. If you don’t have it by then, please check your spam folder. If it is still not there, please email me.

This healing is $22 per person/pet.

Healing Option 2:


This option is no longer available as it has begun.

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Since 2021, I have been called to work with the Ancient Mayans. It began in Cozumel, where I was introduced to the Mayan goddess Ix Chel, the goddess of the Moon, and her husband, Itzamna, the god of the Sky. I was called to Cozumel to activate the hidden pyramids deep in the water. These pyramids are powerful centers on the earth whose energetic imprint remains long after the land was covered in water. I was then called to Honduras and Belize to activate the ancient codes, bringing in an alignment to assist with the Great Return.

I thought I was done with these locations as I have found myself drawn to work on the Mediterranean, the Nile, and the Red Sea. Spirit, however, had other ideas. At the end of 2023, I started dreaming of the waters off Roatan Island, Honduras. I could see the underwater pyramids and could feel the pull of the water & the goddess Ix Chel.

In perfect timing, I had plans to go to Roatan Island in January. While at the seaside retreat, I was able to work with the water, placing codes in the water that I received in France the previous fall. When I placed the codes in the water, a quiet hum filled my body. I could feel things unwinding and activating in my form. When I later connected with the jungle, I was shown the work I needed to do in Belize on land & sea.

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I am heading to Belize on the 13th to connect with the Mayan ruins near the Guatemalan border. There are codes I am to gather at the Sacred Sites and then I am to head to the water to connect with the pyramids on the Caribbean Sea. These codes will be carried with me to Egypt in May. When I think about the thread that connects these ancient civilizations, I am simply in awe.

What was shared with me is that we have hit a new level of Ascension. The wisdom (codes) left behind are ready to be gathered and dispersed.

In 2022, I worked with the Mayan energies and went to Belize to understand how a group of Mayans vibrated out of their reality. I didn’t learn how they did it, but I was shown the devastation created for those left behind. Fear took over, as did ego, power, and control. Eventually, the tools they were taught to raise their vibration & shift to a new reality were forgotten. Instead, fanatics took over, fanatics who believed that the gods wanted blood sacrifice.

These same fanatics also distorted the healing sexual union that was used to create powerful fields of manifestation. These understandings were twisted and then used to control & dominate.

It was a sobering trip as I dived into the repercussions of a group of high-vibrational beings simply leaving reality at a moment’s notice. I have wondered if tales of this event helped create the belief in the Rapture.

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Spirit has told me that there will not be a mass exodus from our reality at a moment’s notice, but rather it is a longer process of shifts & sorting based on vibration. We have learned from the last time.

Another key difference is that the Mayans shifted to a different reality, a higher vibrational one, but they did not keep their physical bodies. It was shown to me that as they crossed the threshold between realities, their bodies turned to light, dissolving. We are shifting with our bodies this time. It is a crucial difference.

What my team and the goddess Ix Chel have shared with me is that some of the coding beneficial for our transition can be “picked up” and utilized now.

In 2022, the understanding of the group leaving the reality and the devastating after-effects were sent through the grids. Understandings can be put into grids and as people raise their vibration and anchor into the grid, the understanding comes in. It comes in as a knowing. This knowing has created a maturity, a wisdom, & an allowing.

In short, we are growing up. We are maturing. We are more and more ready to access the higher learning.
I am told that while we can access the codes – I see them as packets of information – we will only be able to open what we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for.

I am offering two ways for you to connect and receive codes and healing:

The First is a healing on the Equinox healing from the water of the Caribbean Sea. I will be working with the crystal pyramids at that time.

The Second, The Path of the Mayan is an in-depth healing where I will send energies and codes from the multiple sacred sites we visit in Belize.  You will receive emails that contain short videos from the sites so that you can connect with them and I will share the healing and codes received.

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The places that I know we will be visiting are:

St. Herman’s Blue Hole – this cenote and surrounding caves were once a place of ceremony and rituals.

Xunantunich Maya Ruins – created in 1 B.C. it is a known ceremonial center and home of the “El Castillo”, one of the tallest structures in Belize

The ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) cave  this place was called the entrance to the Underworld. The shamans would commune with the gods and ancestors in this space. It later became a place of human sacrifice and is home of the “crystal maiden” a skeleton covered in lime deposits that give it a crystal appearance.

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Rio on Pools – Series of Small Cascades along a tributary of the Macal River. The Maya revered natural features and considered them Sacred. This is part of the Mountain Pine Ridge Preserve an area filled with Mayan artifacts. 

Rio Frio Cave—This amazing cave is filled with artifacts, and archeologists believe it was used as an ancient burial site. The Maya believed the caves were the gates to the underworld – an access to the realms

Caracol Ruins – a large Ancient Maya Archaeological site considered one of the most important centers during the Classical Period. At one time, it had twice the population that Belize City now has. 

Cahal Pech – Mayan ruins that date back to 1300 – 900 BC. These ruins contain pyramids, temples, and residences. This site had 10 – 15,000 inhabitants and was important until approximately 800 AD when the Mayans left this reality. 

Placencia – a beautiful coastal area that once was a thriving Mayan trading post. There, they traded salt, a valuable commodity. I will connect with the sacred waters and the land where Maya communities lived. This will be where the Equinox healing will take place. 

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