All of you are in the phases of Personal Mastery. Some are at the beginning and some are at the end. Where you are is of little consequence, what is important is that you understand how to move forward from where ever you are.

First, you must take responsibility for all that has happened in your life. You must be able to reconcile what has happened and the lessons it was intended to teach. Many of you have had traumas and events in your life that have left you hurt and vulnerable. It can be easy to spin into the negative and feel victimized. When asked – “What lesson did you learn?” the true answer is one of love and forgiveness. If you answer comes from a place of fear, such as “it taught me not to trust again” you have missed the lesson. From every event in your life a positive can be drawn even if it is simply “I experienced this so that I could learn to forgive even the most horrific experience.”

Look at your life and beliefs that you were told. As children you accepted everything. These include religious aspects, gender limitations, financial limitations, geographic boundaries and cultural differences. Where have you places limitations on yourself and on those around you? What beliefs are holding you in place? What roles have you acquired that really don’t begin to encompass who you are? What are you afraid of losing if you change your beliefs, your roles? Conquering this fear is also part of personal mastery. You must become authentic to all around you, but especially to yourself. Those that choose not to accept the authentic version of self are only showing you that they too are trapped in beliefs and roles. Once you have begun to fully embrace your changing self, as you are evolving and growing in every moment, you will be able to accept others without judgement or insecurity.

You must move away from the concept of good vs evil, light vs. dark. This is duality that naturally comes from being disconnected from source. You were never fully disconnected, but the illusion was strong so that you could experience duality and it’s lessons. By judging and labeling things right vs wrong you are continuing to participate in duality, when in fact you have a choice. This is a difficult concept for many as it brings to mind hurts and traumas. When these arise, look again to the positive lessons you learned by surviving your ordeal. Duality is so ingrained in many of you in part due to your beliefs but also constant conditioning. We ask that you step back and realize that all are souls playing roles to learn the lessons they chose to learn in this lifetime. This does not mean that you condone bad or undesirable behavior for your life, your experience, but it does mean that you shouldn’t condemn the soul playing the role of villain, as they too are helping to contribute to your lessons and soul growth.

To become your own personal master, to reconnect and remember fully who you are, you must master your thoughts. This is done through observation and the complete realization that you are in fact creating your reality. This is a difficult concept because for so many years you were able to think unconsciously, run day dreams and scenarios with little consequences. As you step into your power, this begins to change. You will begin to see the results of your thinking and your attitude towards others and situations. The frame of mind you hold will absolutely be shown to you, mirrored back by those around you. These are gifts designed to bring you back to conscious thinking and creating. You will see that even the slightest shift in your thinking will ripple out around you. Look what happens when you enter a store smiling, most around you will smile back.

Also, to achieve mastery you must step back from fear that is propagated on your planet. While it is good to educate yourself and be aware, it is also good to turn away from anything that causes you fear and worry. So many of you worry about your vibration levels and fear and worry will cause your vibration to waiver bringing instability to your auric field. At the heart of all good teachings is love, compassion, and joy. Focus on the things that bring these qualities out in you. For all of you, your purpose at it’s base is to return to love and leave duality behind.

Let your heart be your guide in all things.

Quan Yin

Personal Note:

I was very perplexed with our thoughts creating our reality, so I questioned Quan Yin. I hope the following helps you as it did me.

So if I have a daydream that my husband gets into an accident, I can create it? 

Yes and no. The daydream was caused by fear, by feeling fearful you draw to you things that reinforce that fear. You will not create an accident. You had the daydream because you feared being left alone or the financial trouble an accident would cause. When you look into that you see that you are not trusting the universe to provide. Look into the fears and then state your truth.

If I catch myself having a fearful thought can I say “scratch that” to the universe?

Absolutely, you literally cancel the energies projected by stating the truth which in this case is that you are always supported by the universe and all happens in your highest good.

Sending all of you love as we continue on this amazing journey.

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

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