11:11 & 12:12 Cosmic Gateway – Special Group Healing Circle




Special Group Healing Circle. On this guided journey we will be connecting with the Crystal Skulls and your Personal Dragon. This will help you integrate on a Universal and Cosmic level. This is beneficial for the embodiment process. Perfect for the 11:11 and the 12:12 Cosmic Gateway! I will assist you through BOTH!

In this healing session, we will work with frequencies, fields, and healing energy that will help to support your Soul Embodiment Process. We will be working with your healing team so that you get exactly what you need for your journey.

Each time that you listen to the recording of the healing session you will be able to access deeper and deeper layers of self. It will assist with the 11:11 & 12:12 gateway and far beyond that.

Once you purchase the product you will receive an email with a link that says “Access your special group healing circle”. Click on that link to download a  pdf file with the link to instantly access your meditation.

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