Magdalene Healing Tincture


Purchase a Custom “Magdalene, Walking with the Divine Mother” Healing Tincture embedded with the energies of the Sacred Sites in France.

If you have ever wanted to experience the energy and healing of the Sacred Spaces in France, then this tincture is for you. It will be imbued with the energy of sacred sites, the mystery, and the magic of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and the Divine Mother.

This is a one-time offering of this tincture, as I am taking the mother tincture with me to the Sacred Sites in South of France; once it is gone, I will be unable to recreate it.  At each site, I will connect deeply with the land, feeling the ancient energies and embedding them into the tincture.

This tincture is designed to help you connect with the Divine Mother energies of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and the Goddess. Spirit has chosen each ingredient to assist you with clearing what is within that keeps you from the deep connection you crave with yourself and Spirit. The Mother Tincture will travel with me to France, where it will be imbued with the energies of the Sacred Sites and the land. It is a potent and powerful combination that will help transcend you to the next level. 

Ingredients:  Prunus serrulata, Parnassia palustris, Lychnis flos-cuculi, Rosa alba, Sedum anglicum, Elements of Ether & Water, Diamond Gem Essence, Brandy or Glycerin as Preservative Energies from France’s Sacred Sites.

Prunus serrulata will help you to leave duality behind, coming into greater balance with your feminine & masculine aspects. Parnassia palustris brings in a deep connection with self and offers spiritual protection as you work to heal and transform the past. Lychnis Flos-cuculi is a potent purifier of the body’s energy channels; it clears the emotional and mental fields. Rosa Alba is beneficial for connecting the lower & higher mind and aligning you with your true self.  Sedum anglicum will help you to break free of self-sabotage & resistance as you walk the journey of personal transformation and expansion.  The elements of water & ether work to clear the Sacral, Throat, & Crown Chakras. The Diamond gem essence aligns with the first ray. It helps you to align with the vision & purpose of your higher self. The energies of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Goddess, and the Sacred Land will make this essence even more powerful and life-changing.

These Findhorn essences from Scotland are amazing alone, but combined with the energies of the sacred sites in France, it is an extremely powerful medicine for you to work with.

It is recommended that you use this essence while meditating, journaling, or when you are needing the warm embrace of the Mother to help you move through these energetic times.

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