The Journey


The Journey is a collection of music pieces that have been created over an 18-month period by Amy North (Spirit Guide) & Steven North (Incarnate). A combination of sounds, consciousness, crystals that tell a story of magic & transformation.


The Journey - An Album of Creation
by Steven North

The Journey is a collection of music pieces that have been created over an 18-month period by Amy North (Spirit Guide) & Steven North (Incarnate).

The music merges many different styles of sounds ranging from violins, guitars, piano and many others. Each song has been created to tell a story of magic & transformation. There are songs that are ambient, abstract, happy and emotional as well as being filled with all sorts of energy and music that will get the dance moves happening.

The Journey is also an exploration through crystals, through consciousness with every song using crystal energy and consciousness from the planet, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gods & Goddesses and our beautiful Amy North. It is an exploration through the struggles, through the happiness, through those moments in life when we need a very big hug and those moments when we wish to get on a dance floor, let go and express one’s happiness.

It is also about the encouragement of expression through creativity, through art, through music, through love. This is our method of expression of light, through the light frequencies that are embedded into the music and it is the feeling of the love that together we share as one.

The music contains embedded light codes, frequencies to help people explore their own journey to the Light of Consciousness and helps transforms our entire lives so that all humanity can walk their highest path for a greater life as oneness within the New Earth.

Welcome to The Journey into the New Earth.

Music Album Information

Upon purchasing the album, you will receive an email with a download link. Rather than having to manually download 28 files individually, it was easier to place the entire album into a single 'zip' file. If you're downloading on a phone, you may need to utilize a "zip" file utility to extract the files.

What is included in the Zip file?

  • All 27 songs listed, mastered by Wave8 Studios
  • A PDF booklet titled "The Journey  Album Information"
  • Cover Photo in digital image format

The PDF booklet and the songs "The Evening under the Bloodstone Moon" & "Relaxation Bliss" are NOT available on any other digital outlet purchases.

The file size is: 393 Mb. Please download over Wi-Fi or with a great mobile data plan.

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