This blog details the amazing experience I had recently.  My hope is that others out there will find resonance with what is happening and see their role. I am not the only one working on clearing the earth on the physical plane. It is a more coordinated effort than many realize even when there is not complete awareness on the part of the ones assisting. Don’t forget that everytime you clear your own shadow you are helping to clear the earth as well.  The work you do is Sacred. No one is being left behind. We all need each other on this journey and we all have the opportunity to move forward should our soul choose.

Don't forget that everytime you clear your own shadow you are helping to clear the earth as well. The work you do is Sacred. Click To Tweet

My journey began 2 months ago as I was being shown again and again a temple where I received healing and ancient knowledge. You can read more about that HERE.

Once I integrated that ancient knowledge I felt this deep need to visit my web team in Puebla, Mexico. Gaby Portilla and Koru Zebly are not only fantastic web designers but they are also Animal Communicators. (

There was a great urgency to going that I couldn’t explain. Somehow with only 3 weeks planning until Spring Break, we got approval from my husband’s boss, flights & hotel booked and passports in hand. My guidance team was persistent in regards to finances,  saying again and again not to worry. We threw everything on a credit card and simply trusted. We were overjoyed to learn before leaving on our trip that we didn’t owe as much as projected on our taxes. The amount I had left was enough to cover the basic expenses.

Day 1

We arrived in Puebla, Mexico right outside the Great Pyramid of Cholula. We went onto the grounds surrounding the pyramid to watch the sunset over the Volcano. As Gaby Portilla and I sat on the grass, the energy shifted and you could feel a portal open. You can’t imagine my joy to say to someone “Hey can you feel who is behind us?” And have them see and feel it too!

We felt 3 beings. Two females and a tall male with a blue feathered headdress. They were very happy to see us and there was a feeling of “we’ve been waiting”. They touched our shoulders, temples and third eye. Energy rushed through our bodies.  I told them I would journey and connect more fully but that for now, I wanted to be a tourist.

Day 2

In the morning, my husband offered to take Maddie (our 9-year-old) to the park while I journeyed. As I listened to the drum beats I felt so much resistance in my body, almost an avoidance of what was to come. My Highest Self began soothing me, telling me I had nothing to fear. I allowed my defenses to drop and my soul to go.

I saw myself, though it wasn’t me in this lifetime walking down a giant road towards a pyramid. The avenue was filled with people and more flowers than I had ever seen in my life. I was wearing flowers on my head and body as I walked in a procession. It felt joyous and sacred.

As I got to the foot of the pyramid I found myself ascending a lot of stairs and then going into an opening and descending stairs to a chamber within the pyramid. I found myself at an alter mixing herbs into a ceremonial cup and offering blessings. I then drank from the cup and felt the energy wash over me. The being in the blue headdress from the night before approached me and began to remove the flowers that adorned my figure. He then placed a giant sun medallion on my chest and he explained that it would protect my heart chakra and also help to project light outwards, affecting all.

He put gold chains around my waist with crystal points facing towards the ground. He said this was for amplification. The two woman from the night before put shoes on my feet. The bottoms were copper and the top was a mixture of copper and turquoise designed in spirals. They said this would aid in grounding the energies as well.

When the outfit was complete I was led back up the pyramid to a flat portion that overlooked the land and was shown precisely where to stand. The sun shone brightly overhead as Source energy went through my crown, through my body, and out my feet. I then saw that the pyramid light up in between the stones and then hit the ground streaming through the land in channels of energy. It looked to me like the inside of a computer chip. The lines sometimes curved, diverted into two or more energy streams and even spirals in certain places. Occasionally the stream of energy would hit a block, I would feel a great push of the energy and something disintegrate and then the energy would continue on. The being in the blue headdress explained that things had been put in place to stop the flow of source energy from lighting the entire grid, it literally had created great disconnect across the land and the people. The energy flowing through me simply went on and on.

Thankfully I set my phone alarm for an hour as it felt as if it could have just continued for eons. As I reoriented myself into this reality I could still feel the sun medallion and copper shoes on my form.

Later that day we went to an Animal Safari that was also a Sanctuary. When I go to these places I give the animals healing and deep gratitude.  When we were in front of the Panther exhibit, I began to give the Black Panther energy but it was refused. I look to Gaby Portilla, who was in communication with the Panther and she said: “The panther is giving us healing instead”. As the healing energy washed over me I was filled with gratitude and amazement as Black Panther is one who assists me greatly in my work. What was interesting is that the Panther was also Gaby & Koru’s animal helper as well. It felt like we were being prepared.

Day 3

The next day we went to see the pyramids located in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The place had such a powerful energy but it was slightly uncomfortable in its intensity. My Highest Self told me to relax and allow as I checked in to make sure all was ok. The weather was hot but the skies were hazy and the sun was not visible through the clouds.

As we turned onto the main lane, called the Avenue of the Dead towards the pyramids it was as if I was back in the journey I had the day before. I could see the people lined up on the sides of the lane and the flowers that were decorating everything. I felt like I was on a mission. Nothing could stop me from climbing the pyramid at the end of the avenue. I learned it was called the Pyramid of the Moon, the one that represented the goddess of water, fertility, the earth, and even creation itself. The Divine Feminine.

When I made it to the top, I sat on the edge and calmed myself. I could feel the presence of the Divine Feminine. I could feel her sorrow. She said to me

“Oh my poor people! So much distortion, so much darkness… they were meant to be the Children of the Sun.”

I asked her if she was referring to the new children that have been coming in and she said:

“No, all of humanity is meant to be the Children of the Sun, they have lost their way.”

As she said this I could see strands of DNA in my third eye, swirling and then breaking apart. I understood that she was referring to humans disconnection and the resulting changes in the DNA. She then said

“My people lost their way, they stopped trusting themselves and their connection and looked outside of themselves for information, for a purpose, even another’s understanding of God. With this, they lost it all.”

She went on to explain that now is the time for the Return, not of some Being, not knowledge or wisdom, but of SELF. She said the balance in ALL things must return. She explained that each must see their shadow and see where they have given their sovereignty away to another and reclaim it.

Now is the time for the Return, not of some Being, not even knowledge or wisdom, but of SELF. The balance in all things must Return. Click To Tweet

At that moment I could feel the sun medallion I had been given in the journey the day before and I understood that I was bringing the masculine energy (the sun) to the feminine energy (the moon). In order for us to move forward, these energies must be balanced within each of us, one is not complete without the other.

All too soon, the transmission of information was done and I descended the pyramid of the moon. It was then that Koru brought it to my attention that the skies had cleared and the sun showed brightly above.

As we walked back we paused in front of the Pyramid of the Sun and while I wanted to go, my back was quite done. My husband decided to go up and my highest-self assured me that it was meant to be that way. I stayed at the bottom chatting with our friends. After a time, my heart chakra expanded, tears came to my eyes as and I knew that my husband had made it to the top. A download of energy rushed through my body.

I was shocked by this development because while my husband and I are in tune with each other I had not considered him a partner on my healing journies.  It reinforced that you don’t have to be spiritual, meditate, or even understand all this to be a part of it. You simply need to be open-hearted, ready to receive and listen to the little nudges given.

We left the pyramids buzzing with energy and needed the next day for relaxation before we continued on.

You don’t have to be spiritual, meditate, or even understand all this to be a part of it. You simply need to be open-hearted, ready to receive and listen to the little nudges given. Click To Tweet


Jenny Schiltz - 1024px Piramide de la Luna 072006

Pyramid of the Moon, San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico. Photo by Wikipedia


Day 5

On the fifth day, I woke completely drained and feeling as if I was walking through mud. I had been having many dreams of people being forced to hold religious relics and in doing so it bound their hands. I didn’t totally understand what I was being shown but I certainly didn’t feel rested.  I checked in with my team and they told me I should continue as planned to the Popocateptl National Park. Popocateptl is a gorgeous active volcano in Central Mexico.

The five of us proceeded on the long journey to the volcano. The closer we got to the Volcano the more overcast it became and the wind picked up. I didn’t feel completely there. It felt like I was walking in multiple dimensions at the same time.

We arrived and hiked up past an incredible waterfall and I found a grassy spot to put my back up against a tree. I was hoping that the tree would help me ground, which it did. My husband took Maddie exploring and Gaby & Koru laid on rocks nearby. I was drifting to sleep when I found myself pulled above the volcano. I saw a large black energetic overlay. When I see this in humans during sessions, it can represent negative energy sent from others or suppressed emotion within a person. I felt that the volcano had been used to cause fear in people and used as a threat. This felt very old, but it certainly had taken its toll on the energy of the area.  I knew that it needed to be removed but it felt impossibly huge even as I felt my being grow larger. I asked my team for assistance just as a gigantic stone woman that was part of the mountain, stood up and offered her assistance. It was amazing. We cleared the negative energy, sending it to source and brought healing light to the volcano.

When it was complete, I thanked the stone mountain woman, she bowed her head to me and became part of the mountain again. It was simply amazing.

I came out of the vision and was discussing it with Gaby when I wondered aloud why the stone being couldn’t just clear it herself and true to the knowledge she holds, Gaby explained. She said that these messes have been made by humans and it is the humans who must clear it. We can receive all the assistance in the world but first, we must be aware of what has been done. If the elementals, angels, or star family clean up our messes we would never learn. It is time we own it and make things right.

Not only did my sense of being “off” and walking through mud left after the clearing, but the sun came out and the wind stopped allowing for an amazing afternoon.

Day 6

I had another night of intense dreams showing people from the past being mistreated and surrendering their power. I saw lines of people heading into the tunnels under the Great Pyramid of Cholula and their hands were bound with ropes.  I had no idea what the dreams meant but I knew I was being called to clear the pyramid. I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone.

We met with Gaby and Koru, had lunch and began to walk near the pyramid. We were blessed with the appearance of a group of Curandero’s (Latin American native healer, shaman) who were offering clearings. We all received blessings and clearing with sage. Gaby and Koru who live in the area were surprised as they had never seen the group near the pyramid before. It felt absolutely perfect for the work we were going to do.

We headed up the pyramid to a grassy area where we planned to sit back to back while holding hands to do the clearing work. I assumed it would be just the three of us, but as we settled to sit down, my husband sits down and says “I heard you say you wanted me to participate, is this where I should sit?”. I had never said a word to him as I assumed he would be uncomfortable, somehow he received the message. I then heard very clearly that he was needed to balance the energies. With the 4 of us, we had a balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

We settled in and I immediately was drawn under the pyramid to what felt like trapped souls. The words blood magic and soul binding rang in my head. There were so many that I began to feel overwhelmed. I backed out of the tunnels and was grateful to find the being with the blue headdress from days prior offering to assist. He grew incredibly large and was able to open the top of the pyramid and as he did, I opened a portal and assisted the souls to Source. The energy was full of joyous relief.  When the tunnels were empty the top of the pyramid was replaced and I sat with the energy until I heard “The rain that is coming will finish the cleansing”. I then broke the circle and sure enough, the sky was clouding up and getting dark.

The absolutely amazing part is that while I was clearing, everyone received information in their own way.

Gaby was shown people entering the pyramids and them being filled with water, drowning them. She felt it was possible that people had fled into the tunnels to avoid persecution but their safe place was turned against them. She said that she could see the people and then the tunnels filled with light as it cleared.

Koru felt the clearing and the energy shifting, becoming lighter and full of hope.

Danny, my husband who always says he can never “see” anything, saw himself dressed in white, leading children who were full of laughter and joy up to the top of the pyramid with the sun shining.

As he described this, it hit me – I went into the dark, into the depths, into the moon, clearing the shadow. He went to the sun, to the hope and to joyous future for the children of earth, for us.

It is time we return to Self, that we remember we were always meant to be the Children of the Sun.

With our hearts lighter we raced to the car making it before a huge downpour started.

If you are still reading this really long blog, know that I am grateful to all of you who support this work by sharing it (especially with facebook ghosting it), donating, purchasing group calls, and services. Your support allows me to go to these places and work with the Earth. Grateful as well to Gaby & Koru who made the visit extra special.

Sending you all lots of love. I have so much gratitude and love for each of you and the contribution you make just by being you. <3

Jenny Schiltz

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