Many of you are in a very important part of this process and we would like to discuss it today, as many of you feel that you have gone backwards and this has lead to a feeling of despair. Many of you are being confronted with your fears and worries, and at this stage you must understand that you are being shown a choice. Do you act and feel as you have always done, or do you blaze forward walking in your new truth? It really is a choice. This is the time that you must embrace your power as a creator.

Some of you are being shown dream scenarios that embody your deepest fears, others are being confronted with situations that bring up their fears regarding relationships, health, and their place in the world. These are not coming up as a way to keep you from moving forward, but so that you can finally see them for what they are: fears. These beliefs, thought patterns and reactions that are being invoked have been held by you for a long time and you must now choose to move beyond them. So many of you are able to offer unconditional love to others in an admirable fashion, yet you lack the ability to turn it inward on yourself. This is the time that this must be done. You must love yourself enough to move past the fears and insecurities that have plagued you and shaped you for so long.

The feelings of sadness, despair and anxiety that have swept over some of you may feel nameless, and there by belonging to another or the collective as you are not able to pin point a cause. This is not the case, for those of you deep in the ascension process your are doing a final inventory, what you are feeling is yours and yours alone. It is in these moments that you must understand that how you feel and react to these unnamed emotions is a choice.  In those moments, decide to let those feelings go and choose to feel differently. Ask yourself when you are confronted with these deep unsettling emotions, if they are in your highest good, your highest interest. If they are not, why would you want to explore them or hold onto them? Let them go by declaring that they no longer have a place in your life.

For those being confronted with scenarios that they felt they had moved beyond, we ask you to look at the emotions and thoughts it evokes within you. What is the basis for this? Is what you are feeling rooted in love or in fear? If what you are experiencing is rooted in fear, then choose in that moment to do something different, say something different, think something different. When you visualize your fears as a wall that is stopping your progress, you will understand that you must transverse that wall. Charge through the barrier and leave it behind you as you continue on your journey.  This is the time to move past your conditioned response.

As you progress on this journey many of you are experiencing increased synchronicity, intuition, and manifestation. This is wonderful and yet for some it breeds doubt and fear. Some of you are doubting what you are experiencing feeling it is too good to be true and this by its very nature keeps you from what you want to experience most. This too is a product of fear. Is it that you fear being wrong? Is it that you have compared your journey to another and it has created doubt? Or have you allowed another’s opinion of your growth to hold you back? Again, we say to you, it is time to put these feelings behind you and stand in your truth, your light. Go through those barriers of doubt and be fearless and by doing so you give others the permission to do the same.

This process has been long, and  tedious, many of you are in the final stretch, while others are still undergoing or just beginning the life changing process of merging with your highest aspect. It does not matter where in this journey you are, fear is what holds you back. Change your conditioning, change your thoughts, your patterns, and behaviors and choose love in all things. Feel how fear reacts in your body and choose different. Walk in your light and be bold and fearless. Now is the time to choose your divine right and to walk fully connected with your highest aspect.

With my love and respect,

Quan Yin

Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: I am experiencing this on many levels. I dreamed that my husband was electrocuted and I was away and couldn’t make it back to him right away. I woke up terrified that he was dying and I was not by his side. Then the next day I dreamed that while I was away working a care giver molested my child. I woke devastated, and full of fear. My first thought was that I should not peruse working outside the home, because obviously I was shown the world would fall apart if I did. Then the more I sat with that and felt the continued fear, I realized that I couldn’t let fear stop me. I sat with my guides and they explained that fears must be dealt with as I move forward on this journey. That I had to choose which path to take.

Quan Yin: That is it exactly, you have a choice. Do you make yourself small and stop your growth because of fear or do you expand into love knowing that all will be well? Choosing to grow does not mean that all will be perfect in your life, but it is you saying that you trust that all that happens will be in your highest good and for your growth.

The areas in which you are vulnerable, that you fear are being exposed so that you can understand them fully and not allow them to hinder your progress.

Me: I also feel that my body issues are being brought up with the intensity of these codes. I am experiencing bloating and some weight gain though I do not eat a lot and my body seems to be doing a cleanse.

Quan Yin: This is a normal part of this process. Your light body upgrades cause a bloating. Your cells are being upgraded and as they are upgraded, they swell, like a bruise. This subsides with time. If the swelling is invoking emotion, then that is also a fear pattern that must change. Do you understand what I am saying?

Me: Yes, I think so. We think in an ABCD and so on configuration. Our natural inclination is to go to e, but to bring about change we need to not do, think or say E, but instead throw in an X into the pattern to disrupt it. 

Quan YIn: Exactly! It is a conscious choice to do what you have not done before. First you must be aware of the pattern in order to rewrite it.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed and receive healing <3


**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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