Sample of an Aura Cleansing write up

After each Aura Cleansing a write up of what I have seen, understood and done is created. Here is a sample of one of the write ups:

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thursday’s Aura Cleansing is complete. Everyone that registered, including the fur and feathered babies, had their aura cleansed, balanced, & energized. The aura looked quite depleted, so I will continue to add energy to it. This speaks to the level of exhaustion that so many are feeling right now.

I was shown that people’s heads feel 2x as big they normally do. They explained that a lot of brain rewiring is taking place. To us this feels like headaches, temple pain, eye and sinus pressure, and fuzzy thinking. Sometimes we accept this rewiring with ease and other times it knocks us down. I find it honestly depends on what is being rewired.

Many experience wild dreams and have memories arise during these shifts. I find that most times it is not important not to dissect the memory, rather just observe and let it float on by. The whole point of the brain rewiring is to move us out of A to B to C thinking which includes our memories and reactions to a more multidimensional A to F to M or wherever sequence is called for.

If you find that the memory keeps coming up again and again, then dive into it and see what you need to understand so that it can finally be let go of. Not all memories we experience are bad, in fact, we are being shown good ones too so that we can tap into the joy we felt then. Whatever brought us joy is the clue to the next thing that will help you feel joyful.

This brain rewiring happens in phases, but right now this phase could not come at a more perfect time. We are in full rebirth/resurrection energies. it is a wonderful opportunity to allow this upgrade to assist you with letting go of patterns, beliefs, and programming that no longer serves.

I was also led to assist with the BACK of the heart chakra. This area holds are subconscious, shadow and past life stuff. When this area is blocked, even when the front is open, it can cause upper back and neck pain. I opened and cleared out any stuck energy that was ready to leave. So the powerful energies we are in are helping to rewire our brain and clear out what we are holding in the subconscious. It is beautiful.

I asked my team what we can do to best support ourselves beyond the usual hydration, salt baths, rest, cell salts, movement, nature, adrenal support etc. that we all know to do.

They responded:

“We challenge each person to empty themselves of expectations, stories, and even knowledge. Allow yourself to see everything as if you are seeing it for the first time. Only bring forth through your words, actions, and thoughts that which you want to carry into the future. Ask yourselves “Does this lead me to be who I am becoming or to who I no longer am?” If it leads you to who you were, then let it go. Allow the old to fall away so that the new can come in and with it new ideas, new creativity, and new energy so that you may move your life forward.”

They went on to explain that so many are reaching back for what they know (even if it is painful) because the unknown can be frightening.
“Acceptance of the unknown is necessary, for change is here. You can meet this with excitement or trepidation. Don’t allow the fear of not knowing what is next to lead you to holding onto a reality that no longer can support your expanding energies.”

The energy that rushed through me when they said “Change is Here” was amazing. It can all feel exhausting, scary, amazing, and exciting all at the same time. We can feel as if we are on a giant ping pong table being bounced about and this is quite unsettling. Center into your heart space, breathe deep, refreshing breathes and know that all is working out.

Sending you all giant love.


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