Sample of an Aura Cleansing write up

After each Aura Cleansing a write up of what I have seen, understood and done is created. Here is a sample of one of the write ups:

Aura Cleanse Results, Thursday,  March 17th, 2022

How is everyone doing? The intensity seems to continually ramp up!  Quite a few have asked me when it’s going to slow down and honestly, it’s not. It is designed to unravel and shake up reality. It’s simultaneous destruction and construction energies. My team reminds me that it is literally what we trained and signed up for. Our job is to remember.

On Sunday/Monday We got slammed with a CME that really seemed to knock people down, jazz them up, or completely trigger them. Many were feeling intense anger, the resurgence of old wounds, and even victimhood patterns.  This resurgence includes old physical injuries, traumas, and chronic issues long thought healed.

I have noticed a distinct pattern with myself when we get hit with these large plasma-filled CME’s. Initially, I feel really good. Sunday was a fantastic day for me, I felt happy, hopeful, and completely connected. I could feel the flare coming in and how that was affecting my body but my mood was fantastic. By Monday late afternoon, however, I was feeling really low, I experienced thoughts and behaviors that I knew I had a decade ago. It was really interesting being the one going through it and simultaneously the observer. When I asked my team what this was about they said many will experience the yoyo. The energies will help you to feel a higher potential, higher timeline. While wonderful, this will uncover the issues that are still there (but hidden) that keep you from MAINTAINING that higher potential long term.

For many, the swing of the yoyo brings in feelings of despair, of not wanting to be here, and deep confusion. Understand that it can also bring issues with your physical body. Anywhere that you are holding density, lack, and limitation in the physical body may also be triggered.

My team has told me that the plasma causes a bursting, speeding up, and heating up within the body. They gave me the image of a star being born.  So when you think about that image it’s understandable to see just how difficult this is on us. We are combusting, the density we hold is being obliterated step by step. As the density gets reduced within us, we hold more light, more plasma and we shine like the stars. This is how we birth the light body while staying in our physical form.

Time is definitely wonky and shows us the breakdown in the perceived hard-wired reality. We have a full moon tomorrow, yet many of us have been observing that the moon has already been full the past two days. To the point where there have been discussions on social media about the fact that the energies have felt like full moon energy and the moon looks completely full. My sister who is a physician assistant in a city ER, said that it’s been full moon crazy there for a few days.  It’s quite a glitch! The more of us that hold the higher vibration, the more we will see these glitches. Our attachment to “reality” is changing.  Please note that this also can make many feel like they are spitting out of control.

Grounding is a major issue in these energies. If you’re finding that you are struggling to stay grounded there is an exercise that you can do. Lay on the floor and put your feet/ calves up on the couch. This position helps to open up the pelvis, assisting the root chakra in moving energy. It also stimulates the vagus nerve helping it to regulate. When the vagus nerve is struggling, we can feel intense anxiety which can lead to being ungrounded. Stay in this position for a good 15 minutes. If you feel called put on some headphones and meditate.

Connecting in with my team about the upcoming equinox they explained that the energies will amplify the polarity between the reality of freedom and the reality of restriction. It is important that we define within ourselves which reality we want. What does that look like? And then it’s important that we cut the cords that we have to the reality we don’t want.

When I began the cleanse with the humans one thing I noticed immediately was energy glowing red that began in the esophagus and then went all the way down pulling at the base of the digestive system. This particular red is how I see inflammation. I immediately brought in cooling frequencies to help clear the inflammation and irritation.

I then grounded everyone that needed it, first within their bodies and then connecting them to the core crystal at the center of the earth. Many were out. Please try the exercise I denoted earlier to assist yourselves.

I was drawn to the ear chakras and the antenna’s that we have at the temples. These antennas help us to communicate inter-dimensionally and with our guidance team in a much clearer way. We all have these antennas, however, we generally shut them down around age 4 or 5. Some children last longer but due to being told that it is their imagination, they turn it off in order to appear more mature. For those whose chakras were clogged and/or antennas were collapsed, I repaired them.

The first throat chakra was also highlighted and I began working on opening it, clearing it, and anchoring it into the nervous system. This is designed so that we can literally walk our truth on a much deeper level. It feels like it spirals down the spine much in the way that Kundalini will rise. This was taught by the Arcturans to do with those needing this connection.

I began clearing the outer field to the aura of all the distortions and particularly what looked like energy waves that are disruptors to the natural flow.  I then ran a frequency 9 white tornado. Once the fields were clear I brought in a frequency 10 which is that really warm mama hug, the physical and energy bodies are needing that comfort.

I then went through each layer of the aura, clearing it and healing it, energizing it with bright Source energy, and then finally sealed it in amethyst

Moving on to the animals, as soon as I tapped in, I was surprised by a narwhal. These are the whales that have a unicorn horn. I looked up the totem message: “Narwhal uses its own body as a magic wand to connect to the divine and feel deeper realities. You don’t need a special tool or gear to be connected. You are part of the Universe and can tap in at any time.”

Such a beautiful message for us. We have all we need to connect because we are the connection.

I brought in Source light, to help calm and ground the animals. They are all feeling the changes within the energy, the earth, and people. A llama popped into the group with the intention of assisting the animals with being aware of the changes, maintaining balance, and being able to maneuver through any task. It came in as this calming influence over the group of animals I’m working with.

I began to work on their field clearing it of goo. It was interesting because the animals looked slimed, it reminded me of ectoplasm from the Ghostbusters movie!  I ran a frequency nine white tornado through their field clearing out any of the other disturbances once the goo was gone.

The heart chakra was lit up, I went in and removed some of the stuck energy. Brought in healing and confidence. There was a lot going on with their root chakra but especially how it connected through the spinal system up through the tail. Even the dogs with just nubs, the end of their nub were having issues connecting with the root chakra. It was as if part of them had gone offline. I reconnected their spinal/nervous system to their root chakra so that they could ground the energies properly.

I brought in cooling energies to their digestive system as well, it feels like quite a few of them are experiencing gas, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting. I then went through each layer of their aura, clearing it of all the dense energies and splats.  Each layer of the aura was healed of holes, weak spots, and cracks. The energy from the sun is doing a number on us all!. Finally,  I sealed it in a beautiful emerald green, the healing colors of Archangel Raphael.

I hope that everyone has a beautiful Equinox and uses the potent energies to confirm within the reality that you want and then extract yourself from anything that is not that reality.

Sending you all lots of love and I will see you on Tuesday!


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