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Angels and Ascended Masters – Helpers through the Ascension Process

Learn how to access these amazing beings! This workshop can be done one-on-one or you can assemble a small group of people together to participate at your location. Learn about the main Angels and Ascended Masters that are available to help you with the Ascension Process. Experience a Guided meditation to meet members of your team, angels and receive angelic healing.



Exploring above and below – Expanding your Horizon

This workshop can be done one-on-one or you can assemble a small group of people together at your location. This class will help you to expand your horizon as you are guided through meditation to tour the healing chambers at the center of the earth and to the heart of the Galactic.  This meditation helps to raise your frequency and break through the veils of this reality.



Past Life workshop

This is a one-on-one workshop, where you will be guided through a mediation that shows you two past lives that are impacting you in this life now. We will then work with your guide (s) to ensure that you fully understand what was being shown and why.



Shadow Work

A one on one workshop that gives you a glimpse into your shadow side and the importance of acceptance of all that you are.  Our shadow side contains all the parts we do not openly show the world. These must be integrated as we move forward on this path. Guided visualization will help you integrate all aspects of self. We will work with your guide(s) where you will be able to obtain information for your growth.



Healing the Inner Child

The doorway to your highest aspect is a healthy, happy inner child. This is an intensive one on one class explores the aspects of the inner child that need healing. There is a guided meditation to help you access these parts of yourself that need to be healed.


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Learn To Contact Your Guides

This class will help you to contact your Guides and other ascension team members. This one-on-one workshop will help you to strengthen your abilities to see, hear, and feel energy allowing for greater guidance.


Duration: 90 min – Cost $170 (any theme you choose). Classes can be held via skype (worldwide) or by phone (US or Canada).

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To schedule an Ascension class, please click the button below. It will prompt you to enter a time zone and then it will show you times that I am available that work for you. Payment is due at time of booking.  To contact me please email [email protected]


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