I woke in the middle of the night with the thought on my brain about a shamanic opening, I didn’t understand and I was so tired that I immediately fell back asleep. When I woke again in the morning with the sun shinning, it all became very clear. I heard the words “The shamanic portal is now open”. I felt this insane need to get outside into the sun so I went out and meditated as the sun shone and I talked with my highest self and a group of beings that had amassed in a celebration of sorts. I was remembering bits and pieces of the night and wanted clarification.  It brought me such joy and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Me: So a portal opened last night?

Lady Nada: It is so much more than that child, is a call to all those with the shamanic roots to build more bridges so that the worlds won’t be divided again, though understand this will take much time.

Me: What does it bridge?

Lady Nada: It is a bridge for the ones unseen in your world.

Me: Like the elementals? Not ghosts etc.

Lady Nada: Yes, elementals, so that more will see clearly what is being done in their environment. It is hard to ignore groups of beings needing assistance once you can see them

Me: I always thought shamanic was spirits?

Lady Nada: That is a very small part of it. It is in fact the understanding of the connectedness of all around you.

Me: So more will see fairies and see what they do?

Lady Nada: Yes, fairies and many other beings that help the earth work as it should and keep her healthy.

Me: Does this have anything to do with the solstice?

Lady Nada: No, this is the direct result of the number of people who have moved into the higher vibrations and connected to the unity grid.

Me: How will people know this happened?

Lady Nada: More will come forward with dream time knowledge and the sightings of fairies and other once thought mythical beings will increase slowly

Me: So it is the fairies and all other beings who work closely with the earth?

Lady Nada: Yes, and if people listen closely they will be taught how to heal her.

Me: This is so exciting!

Lady Nada: Yes, it is an incredible benchmark for this process.

Me: So all those with shamanic roots will feel called?

Lady Nada: Yes, those with them in this life and in the past. There is quite an army assembled (smiling – she showed me many, many children, even a little one in a diaper pulling their parents to show them something ) It is these people who will show the others the way, who will show others what their unconscious acts have done. They will do this with love, knowledge and sheer devotion. Much will be done by the children and they, in turn, will lead their parents by the hand. –

Note: The word “army” was not meant to invoke fear or worry. It was brought to my attention that it did. There is nothing but love, joy and even humor that I have felt from these ascended masters

Me: Should I share this?

Lady Nada: Yes, it gives people permission to bring what they see forward without fear.

I hope you enjoyed the conversation and that it is resonating with you. I can’t explain the joy I feel today 🙂 Much love to you all. Enjoy the Solstice!


**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****



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