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Receive Healing & Codes in this Special Solstice Healing

The Solistice healing this year will be very interesting and layered.  

The information began coming in during a recent retreat in April. Spirit shared that it is time to heal the masculine within our own internal balance and the masculine within the collective, timed with the Solstice energies. I asked if there was a location and was shown Salem, Massachusetts.

It is an interesting place as one would think that healing at the site of the Salem witch trials would be for the feminine. Yet, what was explained is that the witch trials were the symptom of the masculine feeling unworthy & inferior to the feminine. This lack of self-worth led to a bloated masculine ego that wanted to dominate, subjugate and dismiss the intuitive feminine. This made the masculine perfect candidates for embracing the Puritan religion that demonized and squashed the feminine.

Spirit shared that Salem’s atrocity reverberated worldwide, another “shot heard around the world.” While women had been tortured and persecuted prior, this incident was especially powerful as Spirit showed me that Salem, Massachusetts was a nexus point of energy.

Not only did these atrocious events cause discord between men and women, but they also caused distrust between our inner masculine and feminine. As we move further into embodiment, we are being asked to harmonize our inner masculine and feminine, the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

We need to shift our inner masculine into a place of the foundational support of the intuitive inner feminine. We need to shift our inner feminine into a place of flowing & knowing while trusting that she will be held, supported, and protected by the inner masculine. 

It matters not how you identify; we each have masculine and feminine within us that must be balanced. 

Then during a meditation during the Eclipse on April 20th, I found myself staring into a massive stargate. It was similar to the Sarasota, FL, Stargate but different. It was extremely high vibrational. I asked Spirit where this stargate was located, and I was shown an area above Cape Cod. It was explained that as we are shifting, we are now able to access new (new to us) Stargates and Leylines. I have been invited to work with this Stargate on the Solstice and share the healing & activations. 

I will be working in Salem on Father’s Day, June 18th, during the Solstice Gateway, then going to Cape Cod to work with the Stargate for the Solstice on June 21st. 

I will send energy remotely on June 21st to all that register, and you will receive an email by June 24th on what I saw and the energy that was sent. This healing is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive energy healing to your inner masculine and activation from the Cape Cod StarGate.

   ** As Spirit was sharing with me the details of this healing event, I knew that I would get emails from people wanting to put their husbands, fathers, and sons into the healing, but they wouldn’t be able to obtain verbal permission. Spirit recommend that if you want to put a loved one in the healing, that you think of them and ask their highest self. If you feel the answer is yes, then you may include them. 

Register to Receive Healing for the Solstice:

This healing has already begun. Keep an eye out for the next healing for the Lion’s Gate. Thank you!

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