Hi everyone, I have a channel to share. Things are shifting very quickly, this process has accelerated and we will receive more understanding and guidance. 

This transmission was from Sanat Kumara. 

“A group of individuals have agreed on the soul level to anchor in the next series of codes and grids. New guides have been assigned and added to their teams to accomplish this task. Those who have agreed will be in a constant state of downloading and uploading information.

The information uploaded will be on the body, the grids, and what occurs in their outer world. They will not report on the collective but rather on their personal hologram. We are looking at how the downloaded codes affect their forms and those surrounding them.

All this information will be uploaded, and adjustments will be made if needed before the codes are sent through the collective via the sun.”

How will people know if they are participating in this event?

“Upon hearing or reading these words, there will be a resonance in their forms. Each person is stationed strategically so that full coverage of the earth is guaranteed with some overlap.”

For those who are partaking in this experiment, what do they need to know?

“It will be essential that the physical form be listened to, connected with, and given the proper resources. Trace elements or minerals will be crucial. What is often striped from the diet is precisely what will be needed. Iron will be important and needs to be consciously consumed, we recommend receiving this through your diet and not in supplement form. It must be appropriately in alignment with the biochemistry of the body.”

How long will the testing period last?

“We anticipate it will continue through six months of your time.”

If the codes are not given through the sun, the plasma, how will it be received?

“They will be delivered directly through the Soul Source and into the higher chakras above the crown. These will be filtered through the crown chakra into the form. Intergration of the coding will be completely individual. 

It is asked that if one, if feels in resonance with this information, that they go into observation mode of their bodies, their world. In understanding what is taking place and consciously connecting with the task, we hope that it not only lessens than the burden but that we are able to gain more valuable information.

As you know, we have entered into a phase that has not been completed before. We appreciate greatly those that have agreed to be the forerunners of these codes.” 

Thank you!


Often when I receive channelings, I hear words, but I also receive what I call a downloaded packet of information, that goes beyond the words that I hear. My understanding is that a grouping has agreed to “beta test” a series of codes designed to assist the shift within the physical form from a carbon based one to a crystalline (Christ-aligned) one. These codes will come directly from the oversoul into the body. A new guide, one versed on the human form and DNA, has been assigned to closely monitor the shifts within the body. 

If you feel that you have agreed to this special assignment, two things are crucial: One is the providing the body with the essential minerals it needs, the second and extremely important is COMMUNICATION. Please communicate with your team how you are feeling, what you are noticing happening on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Also share what you notice in those around you as you shift. Do people become triggered by your presence, or do they become magnetized towards you? You can verbally share this information, write it down, or telepath it.  How the participants react to the codes will determine the viability of them being sent to the collective. The more communication shared, the better. 

Please share with those you think may be part of this project. Thank you! A special section has been created in the Inner Circle for people to connect with others that feel they are participating in the Special Assignment. Feel free to join in the discussion.  www.innercircle.jennyschiltz.com

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