Happy November!  I spent the weekend at an incredible retreat that helps people to remember who they are at a Soul level. It gave so much clarity and understanding to what Spirit has been saying that “Heaven and hell exist in the same place, it is all dependent on how you view and flow through life.”

The first time I heard those words I went into resistance. Hell? Do you mean things are going to get worse? Heaven? Is that perfection? How can I obtain perfection? All these feelings of unworthiness, lack, and fear came flying in.

What if Hell is the feelings of lack, unworthiness, fear, and self-hate flowing through our bodies?  

What if Heaven is being able to unconditionally love ourselves and trusting in the universe that we will be provided for? 

It truly is an inside job as it is all dependent on mindset. Understand that there is a path, a flow available when you choose to trust in the universe, yourself, and the highest opening.  

It can be a challenge to stay in this protective flow as it is done through the heart space and mindset.  I was talking with a friend and she shared with me an important concept. We must make a choice on what we want to PAY attention to. We have to ask ourselves if what swirls in the collective (news, people’s opinions, fear) is something that we want to BUY with our precious energy. Is there something else that would be more beneficial to PAY attention to that assists with our soul growth and becoming? We choose where we SPEND our energy.

Many of you may be feeling the many flares that the sun has been releasing. Know that these are assisting us with getting rid of all that holds us back or limits us. The plasma is helping us to open to our potential on a cellular level. We are also receiving codes from the Grand Central Sun. These are assisting with the awakening on a massive scale. It’s the simultaneous process of collapse and building.

In the outer world, we are seeing the same process happening. There is a collapse and a building of the new. All the chaos we are seeing is the resistance to the collapse. There is NOTHING we can do about this other than learn from it and not get caught up in it. 

By watching how painfully the old is hanging on and even trying to create even more limitations, we must ask ourselves where we are doing the same thing. Where are we holding on to the way we’ve always been? Maybe it’s guards or defense mechanisms. Maybe it’s beliefs and limitations we have subscribed to. Maybe it’s the self-sabotage or sacrifice programming. We have to look at where we are creating new stories, beliefs, and limitations that are disguised as a new way. When in reality they are just new ways that we are limiting ourselves.

We are beginning to fully understand that we have a choice. We can let go and surrender to the process or we can hold on tooth and nail to the bitter end. Change is here and has the potential to set us free. First, though our mindsets must change.


There is a stream of energy available, that is full of excitement, potential, and destiny. When you tap into it you feel butterflies and your stomach, your mind gets full of hope and ideas, and your heart opens wide. This stream of energy moves fast, it requires surrender and absolute trust. It’s time to let it all go, and swim in this stream of pure potential.
Allow your heart space to be your guide and step into the flow that is available for you.
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