I was sitting on a rock with my feet in the cool creek and my face turned towards the sun. I was soaking it all in as I can’t seem to get enough sun lately. My mind was slowing as I centered my beingness into my heart when I hear loud and clear “Hey!”

As I looked right in front me I was shocked to find me standing there in the creek. I have had many a conversation with the guides, ancestors, angels, galactics, nature spirits etc, but NEVER have I conversed with myself in such a manner, particularly unbidden. As I look at her/me dressed in the same clothes I was wearing, I was just in a little bit of shock. She crouches down with a big smile on her face and says “Are you ready?” I cautiously respond with “Maybe”.

She sat down next to me on the rock and asked me if I was ready to step into all that I am and onto the highest timeline. I naturally say yes and she gives me this look like “Are you sure?” Then she says “Yet, you have a thousand questions.” She was right, I did have a thousand questions. I have worried that with the opening of the higher timeline, my purpose unfolding more deeply and so much flooding in that I would not be able to manage it all. I worried the toll it would take on my marriage and my family. The underlying worry that in order to fulfill my role, I would have to sacrifice much.

This was true in previous lifetimes for many of us. We would leave the “material” world behind and this often included family in order to fulfill our spiritual calling. While my team has assured me that we no longer need to sacrifice in this lifetime as we move into the higher timelines, it seems I still had that fear.

She looked at me with these liquid brown eyes filled with compassion and says “Your inability to believe that all is well, holds you back. Instead of following your highest joy, you choose the path that will create the least waves. You are playing small due to fear and you must let go of now.”

There was deep truth to her words. I told her that while what she said was true I had been cautious about what I have been choosing because I am unable to see what is in the highest good of all. So I essentially tell the universe – if it is meant to be, then bring it to me. It is the state of surrender.

She then explained that at one time that worked, yet that is no longer where many of us are on the journey. She explained that while surrendering to the will of the universe has been beneficial, we are now in a time of co-creation. I was then shown a long hallway with many closed doors. She said that many feel that they are in a void, waiting for concrete direction, yet it is the universe that is holding it’s breathe waiting for us to choose. It is saying ” What do you want? Do you have the courage to follow that?”

She explained that for so many years we have been unable to really see the future potentials, the timelines. That at one time we (hue-mans) were able to feel into a choice and see 100 moves out, feeling into it and the repercussions of such a choice. Essentially living and learning from those possibilities in an instant. Most of us in this now are only able to see a few steps ahead when making a choice. This has led us to give away our power to others that seem to know more and to the fear of the unknown. It has led to great surrendering and trust in the universe, our guides, and soul which is positive as it helped us to reign in the ego. However, we are now moving from that stage in our growth.

As we bask in the higher energies, upgrade our DNA and become heart-centered we are being given the ability to see further into a choice, a timeline, and experience it without having to physically go through it again. It is the merging of our multi-dimensional selves. Instead of hundreds of aspects being created to learn from various timelines, that then must be integrated later, we can now do it in an instant with our minds without having to splinter off.

This, however, is a skill and like all skills, we must practice in order for us to master it. This means that we must act, we must do. We have to walk into one of those closed doors, feel into it as best we can and then choose to continue or not. This aspect of myself explained that many are terrified of choosing incorrectly because they fear making a mistake, or of hurting self or others and landing in an undesirable timeline.  While she understands this fear, it is what holds many of us back. We have to be willing to make “mistakes”, take risks, and learn.

In order to fully walk in our power, to embody all that we are and open up to our full potential, we need to be in a state of co-creation. Taking full responsibility for all of our creations – past, present, and future. She explained that the more we choose our highest joy, the highest excitement the easier this skill will become. We simply need to give ourselves permission to experience it.

I heard all she was saying and this weight lifted from my chest. Tension released that I didn’t know I was holding. I don’t have to be perfect. I only need to follow my joy.

She then stood, saying “Are you ready?” I answered with no fear “Yes!”. I got up from the rock and crossed the river just as my husband appeared on the other side offering me a hand to get up the embankment. In that moment, I followed my highest joy and will follow it as it leads me to the next one. No fear, no worries, it’s time for me to trust my heart and open to all the possibilities.

Follow your excitement. Follow your passion. Follow your joy.  If you are not sure what that is, then play, play until you find what makes your heart sing. Become the child again, exploring what you like and what you don’t. It is in this space of joy that we access our highest potential and embody all that we are. Thank you for sharing this work. It means the world. Sending you all lots of love.


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