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You have made it halfway through the period we are calling the “Great Purge”. For many this has been a trying period where thoughts, emotions, and behavior have risen unbidden. This leaves many feeling confused or as if they have gone backwards in your evolution. This fear has left many of you feeling anxious and unsure of your place and position in the world. Much around you is changing rapidly and it has created a general unease in the collective that some are picking up on. Many are going through drastic personal changes as well. This is a difficult time , but one where incredible growth can be achieved.

This is also a time of choice. Many are making choices right now through their words, thoughts and actions. Are you ready to let go of all that has defined you and step into your true essence? Or do you need more time to experience duality and the lessons you came to learn? Understand this is a conscious choice, made by your words, thoughts, and behaviors. Not all are ready to leave duality behind and there is not judgement associated with this choice, as the growth of the soul is what is most important.

If you are ready to leave duality behind, then open your heart. See all around you as good souls playing roles, as this is in fact the premise of earth’s lesson. See where your thoughts show you  where you judge others, but most importantly yourself. When you open your heart and love yourself unconditionally, see yourself as the perfect being you are, you will not be able to judge another. You instead will see them for the beautiful soul they originated from. For those that are ready to let go of their beliefs, thoughts, and actions that no longer serve you will find that this energetic push of the Great Purge will serve you well. You will be swept into a tide of energies designed to bring you closer to your true source. This journey is not finite as you will find that through each door you walk through there are many more aspects to explore and become. You will only be limited by your own personal desire.

For those not ready they will continue to be shown areas where change is needed so that their highest good is achieved. Some will experience frustration and will feel stuck. We then ask:  In what ways have you trapped yourself in a box? Is ti your personal view of self? Is it the need to understand every aspect of this process? Is it because you feel separated form the whole and All That Is? The reasons that people are not ready to leave duality are numerous and personal. Again, we stress that there is no judgement as to when a soul feels they have completed the learning the 3D reality offers.

The process of connecting deeply with your source can be as slow as or as fast as you desire. Once the intention is set, and the desire to surrender and allow is in place you will find yourself pulled by the energies. You will be shown areas needing work and given opportunities that point you in the right direction for the greatest growth. You will be given synchronicities and signs that confirm you are on the right path, you just need to be mindful of you life and surroundings in order to receive these messages. We can not stress enough the need to have joy in your life, find what makes you happy, peaceful and content and go towards that. This allows you to clearly see what no longer brings you joy and is no longer in your highest good. When you are able to see clearly what happiness feels like, you are then able to relinquish the hold on what no longer brings that feeling. As you release these parts of self, you will be able to hold more light into your being, and be able to hold more of your soul’s essence.

By no means do we underestimate how difficult this can be, however we are able to see you in your true form and know that this challenge is worth the struggle. When you fully commune with your highest aspect of self, you will look back and agree that it was all worth it.

We leave you with three words: Surrender, Trust, and Allow.

With Love,

Quan Yin

Personal Note:

I have been purging, releasing, and learning a lot during this period as well. One theme that has risen in me during this period is coming to term with aging. I recently turned 40, and while not old, it is certainly a number that makes you take notice of your life. I have been thinking of what I have and haven’t accomplished in my 40 years and what it would be like to age 40 more years. While I know this is vain and ego filled, I think it is a concern many women have as we transition through life. So all these thoughts and concerns have been flooding me and today I went to water aerobics and I was surrounded by older woman, many of whom have chronic conditions and failing health. Do you know what I saw? I saw the most beautiful, smiling women whose eyes twinkled with experience and joy. Every single one of them has these qualities that age nor failing health will be able to take away. Thank you universe for showing me how that glow, that beauty I hold within will never fade and that I have nothing to fear no matter how many birthdays I am blessed to have.  Thank you for showing me my fears and then showing me signs on how to leave those fears behind and expand my thinking. 

Much love to you all,

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

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