I had a “dream” this morning. I was in a little diner in a resort town overhearing a conversation between a group of people. They looked to be young adults. One of the girls had recently found out she was pregnant. She worked at the diner and was on break.

My mind flashed to a summer romance, seeing her take precautions which obviously didn’t work. I saw that they truly loved one another. End of summer came, he left to continue college. She lived in the resort town just trying to get by. She didn’t want to tell him, didn’t want to trap him, so she was seriously considering an abortion. Yet you could feel the deep love for the child she had already.

I look at my husband who says “go, I’ll wait outside “. The girl got up from her break and I could see this golden ball in her womb. I went to her, placed my hand inches from her and told her all will be fine. That she would be provided for, her and the child. That life wouldn’t always be easy, but that she would always have everything she needed. I told her that the child was special and would bring more joy to this earth.

She looked shocked yet you could see the recognition of Truth on her face. I began to weave gold into her Aura securing it making it bigger and also adding things that would attract the right people and circumstances that would help her to raise this special light. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me “thank you”. I then hugged her and turned to leave as her friends were asking her who I was. I go outside I see Danny, tell him it is done, he smiles and says “good job” and we leave.

I wake up and tell my husband all about the dream and he just looks at me and grins no longer surprised by the tales I tell him upon waking.

This thought was very strong in my mind:

The Golden children are here. The vibration on Earth has raised enough that these can children can now be here in mass. Jenny Schiltz - 2764

I posted this on facebook this morning and was amazed by the number who had dreamed of this golden energy coming in as well. One of my friends is a Doula and texted me after seeing my post that she assisted in the birth of twins recently and seeing them and feeling their energy had the thought.  – these are Golden Children.

Forerunners of this Golden energy have been coming in since 2008 to select awakened parents who would be able to support their child’s energetic needs.

The message that they are coming in (in mass) is exciting not only because the earth and the people’s frequency has shifted enough to support an entire generation of these children but also because of what these children bring with them.

They bring in deep soul knowledge and an understanding of energetics that most of us have struggled to grasp. They have a deep love of the earth and ALL of its inhabitants. They have a beautiful light and bring joy wherever they go when they feel energetically supported (that’s the key).

I am receiving lots of downloads on this group, so it will be interesting as time goes forward!

Take a moment and feel this deep within: THE GOLDEN CHILDREN ARE HERE!

Much love to you all! <3


Picture credit: https://wallpaperscraft.com/download/glare_gold_shiny_bright_circles_20280/3840×2400

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