“Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”

There is a feeling in the air of being in a new space energetically. The best way I can describe it is “there are no walls”. It is like energy from everywhere is streaming in and this makes us really sensitive physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many are just feeling fed up with it all. It can make one feel as if they want to stay in bed with the covers up over their head allowing the world to pass them by.

For me, it has felt like at times there is too much input to the point where my form becomes overwhelmed and needs to shut down with sleep or quiet time to where I can literally stare at the walls for hours. I asked to be shown what is happening and the understanding I was given helped tremendously so I am sharing this with you now.

They showed me walking through a dense forest. The forest was cool, and the sunlight filtered in softly. The path was not huge but it was visible and clear. We could go off the path but there were signs and symbols pointing us back each time we ventured off.

Then the forest path opened to a giant field. The sun was blazing, almost painful to the eyes in the sharp contrast. I could not see a path at all and I felt this bombardment of energy. It made me want to slip back into the softness of the forest.

I then was told – “This is the field of potentiality, of all possibilities for your life.”

When I really looked at it it was an infinite number of layers of realities, information, frequencies, beliefs, streaming in and out of the field. Like being in a room covered head to foot in TV’s all playing different stations.

I responded “How can this be? There is no path. It feels like it is too much; like it is all noise. It makes me want to shut down. How can I know which direction to a walk in this sea of confusion?” I was completely overwhelmed.

“Drop into your heart, it will show you the way”

I began to really feel my heart space and breathe in and out through it. In just a couple of breaths I began to feel better and my mind stopped racing.

To my surprise a path began to appear in the field!

The more I settled into my heart space the more the path became clear. It also started to create a force field around me that blocked all the noise out.

It was then explained that the only way to move forward now is to be fully grounded in the heart space and from that space determine what you want. Each person has their own path, their own field of potentials. Figuring out what you do want and do not want is essentially choosing what streams of potential you want to allow into your form. They did warn that one can feel paralyzed by all the energy (sitting and staring at a wall) if they are not operating from a grounded heart space. So when you feel completely overwhelmed take a few minutes and make sure you are not allowing too much in.

This energy will see people making big changes, from location, career, relationships, even about your physical health. Follow the nudging as spirit is assisting us, it is just really noisy and feels unclear unless we are in our hearts.

The clearest way I can explain it is to say “If you don’t follow your heart, all will fall apart.” The heart space is our true guide.

I hope that what they showed me helps you to navigate your journey as well without too much overwhelm. Be gentle with yourselves and others. Sending you all lots of love <3


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