You may have noticed that things feel slightly different. They may even look a bit different. There has been a subtle but distinct shift.

Recently I asked my team to explain what was happening as many of my clients have also detected a shift as well. Some feel it as a huge sigh of relief, while others feel completely lost and beat up. This is to be expected, as we are all in different stages of our soul growth and development. The mind may want to compare or categorize, but this does us little good. We each are on our own journey, with our own history, understandings, and contracts.

My team explained what is happening by saying that the spin of our cells has changed. They showed me a human body with the internal spin going in one direction, then recently shifting to spin in the other direction. I looked at my team and said, “you mean like a pole shift and they smiled and said yes. Micro and Macro, it is all connected.

They showed me that within the human form, our traumas, diseases, and misaligned thoughts and patterns could not convert to a new spin. They stayed spinning the old way.

I saw an image of the body as a whole spinning one way and all of our “stuff” spinning the other way. The result is that anything not spinning the new way is forced to rise to the surface. It can hide no longer.

What this can look like are physical issues, sometimes multiple ones showing themselves. Some are finding that they are being faced with significant health issues. They were always there, possibly dormant, but now have risen to the top to be seen and taken care of. With this comes the challenge of our beliefs regarding the medical system. Those that are strictly Western medicine may find themselves feeling disenfranchised and seek alternative measures. Those that are strictly alternative may find that they are forced to seek Western medical assistance.

(Please note that not all the aches and pains or ascension symptoms, some are warning signs that something is wrong within the body.)

It is not only the physical misalignments that are rising but the insecurities, shame, guilt, and traumas we hold. These literally cannot be carried into the new. We are all being challenged to not only. “see” our stuff but heal and move beyond it. Until we are able to do that, we will continue to experience discord in our forms and in our reality.

Misaligned beliefs and programming will also be shown to us. We each have a choice to align them to the heart-centered truth or double down on how we think it should be. Flexibility in all things is key. Anywhere we have hard-lined beliefs will be challenged.

My team said that some will choose to leave this incarnation as all that is coming to the surface is simply too much. We may also see more mentally struggle and, with this, an uptick in domestic violence, road rage, gun violence, etc. Not enough people have adequate tools to work through, shift, and heal all that was deeply hidden within. Compassion for others and self will be our greatest strength, as I am sure we will all have our moments of “losing it” to some degree.

After this conversation with my team, I had an interesting dream:

My youngest was running for some political office. She is now 14 and so incredibly different than her 20-something sisters. She thinks, perceives, and acts differently. What motivates her is also completely different. In many ways, she is a normal teen just trying to make it through puberty, but the difference is palatable in other ways.

In the dream, she and other candidates were scheduled to meet with the press. I looked at the others, and they had speeches prepared, posters, and advisers. My daughter only had her father and me. She was sitting quietly, waiting her turn.

I was immediately like – Oh my God, she hasn’t done anything she needs to do to run a successful campaign! To my perception, it was as if she was making half an effort. I looked at her and said, “Why haven’t you done these things? Don’t you want to win the office?” I even said to her. “ You are brilliant, but you are being lazy.”

She said nothing to me but stared into me with her blue-green eyes with a look of “mom is an idiot” If you have teens, you know this look, lol. I was so frustrated.

Then my husband approaches all excited and says Maddie has the lead at 33%; the next highest candidate is only at 12% of the vote! My daughter looks at me and gives me a small smile. Even in the dream, I understood the significance of 33 and started to laugh.

I woke from the dream still chuckling and heard my highest aspect clearly say, “What was the way, no longer will work. Everything will need to be seen through fresh eyes and a fresh heart. Let the old way go. Nothing will be the same, and when it is judged by the old standards, it will always be seen as lacking. Yet it is exactly as it should be.”

I sat with that message, and I can see how the old way versus the new will clash. We are being challenged to set ourselves free from how we think things should be and ALLOW them to shift gracefully. The more we let go and focus on the new, the faster we will move through this monumental shift.

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