So much is changing and rapidly, it seems as if we work through one aspect of self, fears, doubts or worries, only to be shown it again on a deeper level. This time is all about change but the underlying theme is can we trust and allow the changes to flow. Can we be in a place of surrender and in active creation at the same time?

There is an unfolding taking place.  We are opening, like a flower blooming to all that we are. It is a time in which we are being asked to let go of all we think and know. We are being asked to trust completely in ourselves, our soul and not allow the distractions of the world to cause us to lose focus. The words “Keep your eye on the prize” have been ringing in my head whenever I get pulled away from my center.

The other word that has come front and center is CHOOSE. Choose what we want for our lives. Choose how we want to give back. Choose what we want to focus on. Choose who we want to be with.  This word can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For in it we can dare to dream of all the possibilities. Yet it is with the full knowledge that this life is our creation, our responsibility and our platform for soul growth.

It is the understanding that I am the most powerful person in my universe and you are the most powerful person in yours. #empowerment #ascension Click To Tweet

When we look at choosing what we want for our lives we will bring towards us scenarios, people, and places that help us to define what we want and what we don’t want. The more layered we are with programming and beliefs that don’t align with our truest self the more we will experience and be shown what we don’t want for our lives.

To experience the collapse of what we thought we wanted, who we thought we were, or even what we defined as needing can be very painful and full of stress. It can look as if all around you is collapsing, but if you look real close you will see that while the foundation may have looked pretty, in reality, it was only a house of cards. When something is in alignment with your soul and your growth, it sticks. It will not change until it has shown you want you needed to learn or until it is no longer assisting in your evolution.

The most painful place to be in these energies is in a place of resistance. When we fight the flow of energy of what is, it is like trying to stand still in a raging river. It hurts and we can feel battered and bruised. It also firmly locks us into a reality that is no longer in our highest interest. It is when we allow the flow of the river to take us, that we open ourselves to miraculous change. We don’t have to like our current situation but we do need to accept it and see it for the growth it provides.

Physically we are all over the place.

For many, the Ascension process has really ramped up. To me, it feels like my body is working double time to catch up to where my heart and mind have already landed.  What I am hearing many clients complain of is pain in the lower back, hips, and feet. These are the foundation points, as we remove ourselves from one grid and attach to another we can experience pain in these areas as the form wants to upgrade and anchor. Sleep gets crazy as we go through this process as well. The energy coming in is also causing lots of digestion issues including bloating. Headaches, especially in the temples are common. Centering, hydration, and minerals such as Magnesium, cell salts, and B vitamins are crucial. Spend plenty of time outside and in the sun. Members of the elemental kingdom are master healers who contain the Original Divine Blueprint. When we spend time in nature we can receive healing and when we connect with the elementals we tap into that original blueprint that we are all returning too.

Mentally and Emotionally:

Deep, Deep patterns are surfacing to be completely healed. Here again, we must CHOOSE. Do I react as I have always done or do I connect with my heart and find a new way? Victimhood, blame and the inability to forgive will literally create serious dysfunction within and “out there.” Anxiety and depression are very common and can range from mild to severe If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please seek assistance. This can all be overwhelming. I am finding that if a wave of anxiety comes over me that I can settle and observe my thoughts. When I do I find where I was out of alignment with my soul which is the greatest cause of anxiety.  By observing what is coming up to be seen, I can then realign myself by activating my heart and speaking my truth.

Many are struggling to stay centered and present. This is especially true for those that are finding ideas for future projects and creations flying in. It really takes skill to be present and create the new without tapping into the anxiety associated with the unknown.

While this feels like a particularly intense and difficulty passage, know that we are receiving great assistance from all around us. This includes the planet alignments, the sun, solar storms, gateways, gamma bursts, the Schuman resonance, the angels, masters, and guides. It is all conspiring to help us to be the best version of ourselves. Once one feels this to our core, they will switch from feeling that things are being done to them but rather that all of these things are helping them.

The entire purpose of all of the mental, physical, and emotional changes we are undergoing is for us to uncover our truth and to step into our power with open-hearted pure authenticity. #ascension #lightworkers #activations Click To Tweet

What is needed now:

My guidance team explained to me that the greatest issue at this moment is that people are not in their hearts but rather they are in their heads. They explained that the light codes and activations run through the heart center. If a person is closed they are unable to run the programs. Think about it like this, the codes coming in are on CD. They work great if you have a device to play a CD, but if you only have a cassette player, then you will not be able to run the higher light programming. The only way to upgrade from a cassette player to a CD player is through the heart.

To take this a step further, they showed me the human spine. The disks in the spine actually contain programming. It is not a coincidence they are called disks. The old programming on earth of lack, fear, sacrifice, patriarchy, greed, and domination are becoming obsolete. These programs will continue to run but are no longer being supported. What this means is that those running the old programs without opening their hearts will find that their forms will begin to break down. They showed me the human spine crumbling as it is no longer supported.  It is rather like having an old car whose replacement parts are no longer available.  It made perfect sense to me because in some client sessions I have been guided to assist in the upgrading of the disks within the spine.

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All of the light codes coming in are run, processed, and unboxed if you will by the heart.  It is why being heart centered and consistently working on the things within that keep us from opening our heart to the greatest degree are essential.  (This does not mean that those experiencing ill health are not opened hearted as the ascension process itself can create many health issues.)

When I inquired why people are not opening to the frequencies they showed me the “asleep” human who is so trapped into the day to day routine and are full of chemicals, programming, and fear. They showed it to me like layers piled on top of the human, burying the soul inside and obscuring the connection that should be theirs. I asked what could be done to assist and was told that each awakening soul can assist by not only reacting to the world from a high vibrating place but also through intention.

They shared with me these words:

I ask to be a conduit of Source light and unconditional love on this planet. May everywhere I go, and everyone I come in contact with feel the power of unconditional love and open their hearts. May I remind them of their highest calling and potential. May I be the catalyst for awakening another, simply by being the highest expression of self.  

As you read these words, feel the power in them. It is not that we have to inform or educate another, it is simply that we ask to be the spark of remembering in another. For those that are beginning their process, it can provide a much-needed energy boost, like a high five to the soul to be near one who is a conduit. For those who have not yet begun, it can be the spark to help them sort through the layers and open their hearts.  I have been bringing these words into my morning intentions and find that each time a feeling of blessed peace and love flows through me.

I hope these words find you well and finding your truest self more and more. Know that the Creator is grateful for the expression that you are. Each one of us holds the notes to a glorious symphony, each one important, each one needed. I am sending you all lots of love and strength as we continue on this journey. Deepest gratitude for all who share this work.



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