We want to talk to you today about trust. Trust is the most important thing you can have at this time. So many of you are going through this ascension process, doing the intense work, opening your hearts and yet you are lacking in trust. This simple thing creates much of your suffering.

When you trust you understand that all that is taking place is not only in your highest good but amazingly beautiful. Without trust you sabotage the progress that you are making. You open your hearts and begin to see the connection of all things and the beauty of the learning, then over shadow it with doubt and fear. Knowledge is not always the easiest path. There are those that have awoken  without the knowledge of this process, the intricate details, who have sailed through the process because for them there is nothing to mistrust, it all just is. If you are reading this transmission, you have chosen to awaken while being fully aware, this was the path chosen by your soul.  This is not an easy path as you are bombarded with much disinformation. Not all information is wrong, but it may be wrong for you. Understand that you each create your own reality while at the same time contributing to the whole. None of you will have the same experience and none of you have created the same story line from which you are learning. The only thing that is the same is that all of you are to work on returning to self. Not all will return fully, but most of you will.

It is for this very reason that your purpose is to simply open your heart, choose love and work on clearing all that stands in the way of accessing your true self. It is through this action that you will be able to discern what knowledge is accurate for you by what resonates deeply within.  Each of you is only able to understand what is perfect for you in these moments. As you rise in vibration, more will be made available to you because you are then able to see clearer, without the filters life on earth has left upon you. It is for this reason that we ask you not to defend your truth to yourself or others as you are still evolving and so is your truth. As each of you are different so are your truths. It does not make another wrong if they are experiencing a different reality for they have simply chosen a different timeline or scenario.

Trust is more important now than it has ever been. With each wave of energy getting progressively larger, more intense leading up to Wave-X, you will be bombarded with much information. It is up to you to choose what you allow and accept into your reality. If what you are learning brings you fear, then it is your highest aspect’s way of telling you that it is not your path, it is not your reality. Allowing what does not feel good, what creates fear into your being will not alter or change your path, but it will slow down your progress as it shows a complete lack of trust. We ask that you counteract anything that does not resonate by simply stating, “That is not my reality and I trust that all is happening for a reason and in my highest good”. This simple statement reaffirms not only that you trust your inner guidance and your path, but that another’s beliefs and thoughts can not affect you.

Now more than ever it is you who must be in control of what you allow into your field. You must connect to what feels good within the body and causes expansion. By simply expanding you release all that no longer resonates allowing for deep clearing to take place.  Trust is essential to this process. You must trust that you are being divinely guided, that all is happening in your highest good and for the highest purpose; your soul growth.

With deep respect,

Lady Nada



Personal conversation with Lady Nada:

Me: What is the difference between being awake and being aware?

Lady Nada: When one is awake, they think, react and create from their heart center and are in alignment with their highest aspect. When one is aware, they have knowledge of the underlying process taking place, of the energies, and the purpose of it all. Not all who are aware are awake and in their heart center, it is more important to be inline with your highest aspect then to fully understand the inner workings.

Me: I think there is a belief where one feels that each person must be aware of this process to transition. 

Lady Nada: Yes, some may hold this belief, but it is not accurate. Look at the young children, who have not yet lost the sense of self, are they not awake? Yet, they have no knowledge of the process. It is after being disconnected that as you return to self that knowledge is sought.  For some it just simply is and they go through the same process but with a simple trust and joy.

Me: Are all children coming in now eventually disconnected from source?

Lady Nada: No, only if they choose to experience such. Even with the disconnection, children entering your planet are vibrating at a higher level which leads to sensitives to foods, chemicals, and electronics.

Me: Will these children help raise the vibration of society as a whole?

Lady Nada: With each generation that comes in the effects upon others will be stronger and stronger. This path was paved by the waves of sensitives that came before them, the ones going through the ascension process now.

Me: Does trust come in stages?

Lady Nada: It can if that is what you choose, or it simply just is, once you believe.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed. <3



**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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