Many are feeling as if there is no push, no motivation, and no direction and in fact no solid ground to stand on. What was once clear and directed may now feel fuzzy and vague. It is uncomfortable, to say the least.

There feels to be a lack of stability in what we call our reality. That is due to the shifting of the grid system, the collapse of lower timelines and the opening up of new higher dimensional realities. How this can be translated into the human form can be quite dramatic.

Many are feeling anxious, exhausted, stressed in body and spirit, and directionless. I woke the other day with massive anxiety that swirled through my chakras. My mind translated it into one of my old fears about financial stability, yet I knew that this wasn’t accurate. When I connected into the feeling I came to realize that the true cause of the anxiety wasn’t finances but what finances represent to me: safety and security.

I went into mediation and met with my team. I asked why I was feeling such insecurity. What they told me is that we have not been in this place before on an energetic level. We have no reference and that makes our mind and body very uncomfortable. The mind then comes up with a million reasons as to WHY we feel how we feel. It is our own little distraction to keep us from digging in deep and seeing what the root is and working to heal that. Often the heart of the matter is: Can we trust in ourselves, our soul and the process that we signed up for?

I then asked why what felt like a solid push from the universe in a direction just left. It has left many of us feeling as if we have no clue what is next, where we are or even who we are. It has a different energy than being in the void, however. As there is a push/pull to the energy that is difficult to read.

They showed me the image of a Tsunami as it is just beginning and the water is being pulled out to sea for miles and miles. They explained that this is what has happened to the energy that was pushing us forward. Then they said, “Look at the ocean floor.” I did and saw things like starfish and conch shells but I also saw trash and an old rusting hubcap.  They explained that now is the time to really see what is going on underneath. For us to see the beautiful things we want to keep and the things that need to be removed.

I went on to explain to them that without the push of energy it can feel as if projects I am working on and future plans (like moving) feel like they are super far away, almost unattainable. It is like walking through mud to achieve things. They smiled and said, “Yes, but trudging forward in the mud is crucial at this time.”

I was then shown deep trenches being created each time we push forward towards our goals. Sometimes within the trench, we find more treasures or we may find more trash that must be dealt with. They revealed to me that when the energy returns the trenches help to guide the energy into the direction we would like. We are doing the groundwork now, cleaning up the junk and creating solid pathways so when the tsunami comes back in, it really assists us in moving forward.

I asked when we could expect the forward movement energies to return and heard “Within 3 weeks time.”

I found this interesting as it the timing coincides with what Sandra Walter blogged: November 21- 25: Gateway, Cosmic Influx and Collective Trajectory/Timeline Shift.

It really is an amazing time as the energies (downloads, gateways, and solar flares) are assisting us to unveil ourselves as we embody our soul more and more. To undo the beliefs, the stories, and the limitations. To clean up the bottom of the ocean floor so that when the timeline shift occurs we have created a clear path for the energy to flow. Understanding what triggers us and the why behind it is very helpful. Often it is not the knee-jerk reaction but a much deeper issue that needs resolving.

This is not only happening individually but collectively as well. As we are being shown the Truth behind people, places and things. This can be quite complex as there is simply not one truth “out there” but there is only ONE truth IN YOU. It is you who must decide what your truth is. Your body is a fine-tuned detector to what resonates within its harmony. The challenge is to listen and act where appropriate.

Trusting your body and its reaction to guide you is a skill that when developed is incredibly valuable. With all the noise, distractions and opinions we can get quite inundated and pulled from our center. Learn what it feels like when your body is not centered in its truth. Then allow that to be your guide as to what is and what is not for you. It is the internal harmony that helps to bring in the timeline we desire.

I hope that the next three weeks find you discovering your hidden treasures, cleaning up any junk and making concrete steps towards your goals and dreams.

Sending you all much love. Thank you to all who share this work, it means the world.

Jenny Schiltz

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