The other night while the house slept, I sat in meditation, I did so with the intent to understand how to help people through this process with greater ease.  It was not long after my form relaxed that I felt myself being pulled from the state of simply being into one of co-creation.  I soon found myself standing in front of the Venusian Council.

I explained to them that people are hurting and I wanted to understand a better way to help them, that I felt like something is missing. They agreed that many are focused on only one aspect of this process and were neglecting a very crucial element. That indeed something is missing.

We are being hit from all sides energetically at the moment, with the full purpose to dig up beliefs, resistance and old patterning that simply no longer works This energy is coming in waves from the CME’s, solar flares, planet & moon alignments, but also from our own inner earth. There is a mass effort to awaken humanity, to show clearly the dysfunction, the upside down thinking that has been our reality. These come in waves, peeling layers off until nothing is left but our own individual heart centered truth.

We are becoming pros at letting go and transmuting the energy, but that shouldn’t be the only result from the energy blasts. The council explained that with every energy wave that comes in, regardless of its source, there are two basic components available. The first part of the wave is designed to dig up our stuff – this can be emotional or physical density. The second component to EVERY wave are things to move us further on our journey. These can be codes that expand the heart chakra, crystalline body codes, blueprint & chakra upgrades, and even codes that help us to uncover our natural gifts and unlock potential. Where so many are lacking is in the receiving department.

They explained that resistance to receiving is due to a deep unworthiness that so many still feel. This coupled with societal  programming that taught us that to receive is selfish and that when we receive something it is taking from another has left us not being able to accept what is ours. While many on the intellectual level understand those feelings  are not accurate, there is still something within that is operating from this deep sense of lack and unworthiness. We must look at all the areas where we have pushed away what the universe has for us. We have to see where we are asking the universe for something with one hand and pushing that very thing away with the other.

Below is a brief video that explains this in a way that we can begin to see where we are not open to receiving in all areas of our lives.  Sending you all lots of love <3 .  Jenny


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