Understanding what is taking place with the Earth Changes

I received this question and I know it is on many people’s minds so I will share the answer here for all of you as well.

Jenny – what is going on with all these natural disasters – hurricanes back to back and now an earthquake in Mexico?? How do we stay out of fear??


Think of it as clearing. As we are clearing our density we go though so many emotions, temper tantrums, floods of tears. Earth has to clear her density too. I have been told that these 2 hurricanes were not man made (I know there is much argument with this, but I trust what I receive) and all the kingdom’s: human, plant, animal, mineral have contracted to take part in this clearing. 

On a human level it can be very hard to watch people struggling and the loss of life. The only way to stay out of fear and grief is to see it from a soul level.

 When I tapped into the energy of Harvey, I was directly told that I was not to attempt to lessen what needs to happen. With Harvey I was able to help open portals for plants, animals and humans to cross easily and with grace.

 With Irma, I was again told no, however I was given permission to remove where fear & propaganda had added strength to this storm.

 It’s an important reminder that while we are very powerful beings that can affect these things, we still need to ask for permission when we attempt to heal – doesn’t matter if it is a storm or a person. We can not always see the higher plan, so we must ask and trust what answer is given.

 None of this negates the need for compassion and caring for all that are going through these disasters. While on a soul level we can understand that these events are for clearing, the human does not. So we are called to act in whatever way fits us. I know some have adopted animals to free up space for the ones affected in storms. Some are gathering food and clothes. Some are donating money and some are sending energy to all affected. All of this helps and all of it matters.

 Stay strong everyone. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny <3


Image credit: http://allswalls.com

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