Sending a quick note on this beautiful day!
I recently just finished a book by Sarah Breskman Cosme entitle “A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis”. This book contains QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) interviews that describe events in Atlantis and why it fell. It also goes into detail about the sinking of Lemuria. I haven’t recommended a book before, but felt a strong pull to do exactly that with this one. 
There are so many parallels with where we find ourselves today.  So much of what I read solidified memories that were once wisps in the mind, trying to break through. Many that read this book will begin to understand some of what is lodged in our DNA. Some of the fears we hold, the limitations and disempowerment are from these lifetimes. Understanding is healing. I was amazed at the amount of grief that poured off of me as I sat with the memories, acknowledgement lifted a huge weight off of me that I hadn’t realize I was carrying.
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We are at a choice point right now, we can continue to awaken as a collective or we can allow ourselves to go down a darker path as was done in Atlantis. This book helped to clarify what my instincts have been screaming for a while. We need to understand the past to make sure that it does not happen again in the future. 
If you feel called, please read this book and share.
Sending you all love. Thank you to all that share and support this work. You are very appreciated.
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