I often find myself with no words to describe what this process has been like since the Solstice. It has been intense on every single layer; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The theme that came through for the Solstice was FREEDOM.  What has been taking place since that time is the unwinding of all the things that keep us from true freedom within.

We are unwinding ourselves to discover the truth of who we are at the deepest levels. We are in one of the deepest, most insistent phases of letting go.

Realizing what no longer serves us can look like things, relationships, or plans crumbling. It can feel like our deepest wounds being triggered. It can leave us emotionally raw and feeling sunburned. Pay attention to the things that brush up against us and hurt. These are clues to programming within that is needing to be rewritten.

Letting Go can also look like new openings, new opportunities, and great growth. Often the Letting Go looks like both the collapse and the expansion.

To ease this process ask yourself these questions:

“What stories do I keep telling myself?”

“What belief systems have I bought into?”

“What limitations have I allowed to become my truth?”

“What am I doing or not doing to bring my soul peace?”

Once we begin to see the belief systems and stories we tell ourselves as realities we are choosing to reside in – what we need to let go of becomes much clearer.

My highest aspect described the multiple realities (frequencies) to me in a beautiful visual. She explained that it is like the floors in a hotel. Each floor has its own belief systems, its own truth, and thereby its own version of reality. To those staying on a particular floor what they see, hear, know and experience is true and correct for them. As creators of our own reality, it can be no other way.

It is not that one floor is better or worse than another as each floor contains valuable lessons and experiences. It is simply that we need to reside on the floor that makes our heart sing even if that means we must build a whole new level to the hotel.

Where we often get into trouble is we will flip floors, allowing another’s belief system and frequency to override ours. This causes great disharmony in our form. This can cause anxiety, depression, and physical pain in the body. Understand that whenever we try to engage or debate someone about their particular beliefs we are effectively attaching to that energy stream. This can cause us to straddle frequencies which is uncomfortable. Sometimes the greatest self-care you can show yourself is to walk away and allow another to have their experience.

For many Wayshowers, the task is not only to allow others to have their experience but to be so strong in your own vibrational reality that it creates a doorway for others to experience the higher frequencies. This strength is achieved by clearing all the distortions (beliefs, stories, limitations) we hold from our field and by anchoring in the purest Divine light we can handle. They showed me that each person that does this becomes a pillar of light affecting the entire Quantum field.

We become anchors for the highest timeline and infinite possibility. In order to do this, we must examine our Belief systems as they often put the mind in control instead of the heart. If we stay in our heart center, we are able to experience much greater ease in our life. Staying in our heart center ensures that we are on the right floor of the hotel for our soul in each moment.

Understanding Plasma and the Wormholes it creates

Recently I wrote about the plasma coming in and how it is different than before as it is Programmable. (Read more HERE). This plasma just is, we are the ones that program it with our thoughts, frequencies, and actions. This magnifies everything that we have going on within and naturally everything that is going on out there. This can appear that duality in our world is increasing, as people become more polarized.

In discussing the importance of holding your own frequency and not allowing ourselves to be swayed (to another’s floor in the hotel) it was shown to me that it is very easy for people to get lost in the wormholes of their own thoughts. If one begins to focus on something a plasma wormhole is created for the person to explore what they are focusing on.

This can be a great thing if what you are focusing on is IN alignment with your Highest Divine Purpose & Timeline. As it helps to magnify and create a path so that you can experience all the aspects of being in Divine alignment. However, it will also magnify and create a path for you to experience things that are OUT of alignment if that is what your focus is on. Plasma just is. It does not differentiate.

Maintaining focus on what we do want to create is what is being asked of us now. It is Mastery in form. It is reminding us that we are creator beings. What we focus on, we create. When more than one of us focus on something, the effect is magnified. When you look at all the speculation of things in our world (markets crashing, earthquakes, pole shifts, etc), the fear energy of the collective can create the very thing we don’t want.  It is time for us to master our energy and not allow it to be misused.

This is a really important time, we are in the Lion’s Gate energies, which help us to end timelines that are no longer in alignment and open ourselves to the ones that hold the greatest potential for us all.

Sending you all lots of love as we push onward on this journey.

Jenny Schiltz

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