Wow! It is a word I seem to be saying a lot lately as we navigate these changes. Every time I think I have a handle on reality it changes on me. It lets me know that nothing is fixed, rather everything is endless potential.

Not only are we in the midst of a giant integration of all of our aspects (inner child, past lives, galactic lives and shadow) and timeline collapses as we merge into the organic timeline, but we are now are having electrical system upgrades.

Christmas evening I was sitting on the couch talking with my oldest. I was discussing with her some ways that I am working (and struggling lol) with the integration of the light body when I began to feel a presence outside, staring in through the bay window. Sending out my feelers I knew that this wasn’t an earth being. I remained quiet and just observed my daughter.

I watched her react to the shift in the energy but what surprised me is she said “There is an alien staring at us from outside.” She is not generally one that can see etherically, but it is coming in stronger for her lately. All of us are coming online more and more with our abilities.

I connected with the being getting a little bit of information and answering any questions my daughter had. In no time what was one being became four and the intensity of that many beings was uncomfortable on her body. I asked them to back off and they moved behind the large bush in my front yard. I then got a glimpse of the street and there were at least 30 gathered. I was shocked. My daughter confirmed that she too could see/sense that many.

She was a little bit in shock and kept telling me how weird all this was with eyes the size of saucers. It was really a delight to witness. I have been in contact with various beings for years but to be able to share an encounter with someone is just… priceless.

I knew that they were there for a purpose and would stick around until I had a moment alone to connect. Sensing this, my daughter said it was time for her to go. I got a text from her after she got in her car saying that they grinned at her while she was leaving and she told them that they had “NO permission to abduct her.” I had a good laugh at her journey as my child.

I went to my room, settled in, connected with my team and then with a few from the group outside. I was told that the timelines merging and falling away as we move to one main collective higher timeline is requiring us to hold more amperage. If our systems can not handle this upgrade, it will begin to short out. Think of your nervous system as your body’s electrical system.

It was then explained that they were here to perform the electrical upgrade. My medical team was planning to assist as well. I was told that they would be working in one quadrant of the body at a time and that I would need to be lucid at times, yet it was good if I slept through as much as possible. I asked them how I was going to be asleep, yet lucid. They explained that the cat would assist in waking me.

I surprisingly went to sleep easily as I had been up since 6 am and it was after midnight. In what felt like a blink of an eye, I felt the cat licking my face and doing love bites to my nose. I then heard “We need you to stretch your body”. I got up and began basic stretches as if I was warming up for something. I wasn’t completely awake and if my husband hadn’t asked what I was doing, I would swear I dreamed it all.

I then was told to get back in bed and sleep. Two more times the kitty woke me but these times it was to go to the bathroom. I could tell there was major detoxification taking place. After the second bathroom trip, I was feeling quite awake and chatty but was politely told to sleep as it eases the process and fingers were placed on my temples and I instantly sank into a blissful sleep.

The final time that the kitty woke me, it was to stretch and to test my mental processing. We spoke for a while on what is taking place. Here is what I came to understand:

  • Everyone is/will or have undergone an electrical upgrade to their system. This upgrade allows us to handle the increased energy coming in.
  • Some of you will be aware of the upgrade just as I was. If you can, share it. This is part of the disclosure. We need to discuss it and make it less crazy and taboo.
  • The amount of the upgrade is proportional to the amount of light we can hold now and the amount of density we are still processing. This will not be the last upgrade.
  • This upgrade can absolutely wear people out. Rest is essential as we recalibrate.
  • One’s diet and needs may change. It is essential to listen to your body and not belief systems. If you are feeling the need to change your diet or add to it. Listen. Likewise, if you are feeling the need to start an expercise program or back off of one, honor it.
  • The upgrades are hard on the body but necessary for our form if we are going to be able to handle the incoming light. Things such as magnesium, cell salts, and adrenal supports can make this much easier on the body. These upgrades can express themselves as:
    • Heart palpitations
    • Numbness in extremities and even the face
    • Chest tightness
    • Freezing and/or heating up
    • Back pain
    • Headache
    • Weak spots acting up. For me it is my scalp, it will ache and even itch. Autoimmune or chronic issues may flare up.
    • Ringing in the ear that sounds more electrical
    • Dizziness and loss of balance
    • Changes to your sleep patterns and intense dreams
    • Anxiety, depression, a feeling that all is for nothing, a sense of wanting to give up
    • A feeling of being lost, with no purpose as we recalibrate to a new space. Fears surfacing.
    • Intense emotions, sadness, anger, frustration, and even bliss.
    • Please note that the above can also be found in major health issues that need medical attention. If you are worried, do not hesitate to seek medical attention. It is better to be told that they found nothing wrong than to not treat a serious issue.
  • Movement and body/energy work are important to keep the energy channels clear.
  • Our need to increase the amperage we can hold in our form in order to function is the same energy that is affecting the electrical grids, the internet, and electronic devices.
  • Your animals are feeling this as well. Some are hyper, some are exhausted and clingy, some are showing stomach upset. Recuse Remedy for pets and pheramone spray can help.
  • Everyone is feeling this to some degree. It can appear that people are losing it. The best option when wanting to react or lash out is to take a breather and then decide if it is worth it.
  • Some have described what they are feeling as eerie or as if something is coming. It is how our humanness tries to understand the huge changes taking place.

While this can all be exhausting and it can feel as if this will never end, know that incredible strides are being made. There is no turning back. We are continuing to anchor ourselves into the organic timeline as we also integrate all our aspects. January will be interesting as it holds 2 eclipses and a blood moon. The mass awakening and expansion are here. Our task is to anchor in the light and emanate it out to all with the pure intent that their awakening is done with as much ease and grace as possible.

The recording of the recent group call addresses the integrations taking place and is available to help you through this process. You will receive a 45 min long guided meditation that will assist you in integrating All that you Are. You will receive healing frequencies, codes, and morphic fields to ease the form. These will also help you with the electrical upgrades. If you are interested here is the link to purchase the call for immediate download.

You will also receive the informational part that helps to explain what is taking place as we integrate all of this. When we understand the anxiety can be lessened tremendously.

Take care of your self and please be easy on yourself and others. It is a very intense time.

Sending you all lots of LOVE <3

Jenny Schiltz

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