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Basic Retreat Itinerary 



 The retreat begins at 10 am on Thursday, October 5th


Check-out is 10 am on Monday, October 9th.  



This retreat will be held at an Airbnb, that gives a homey, family feel to this retreat. Once the retreat begins, you won’t need to leave, so it becomes an immersion experience. Accommodations are shared as are bathrooms.

The Exact location will be given prior to the retreat.


The Night before the Retreat begins:

For those flying in the day before, there is an option to stay in the house on the 9th for an additional fee. Check-in on the 9th is after 4 pm. This will allow you a chance to get settled into the house versus booking a hotel.  Otherwise, please be at the house by 10 am on the 9th. Please let me know if you would like this option.  

* This will also help you to adjust to the higher altitude of Colorado



We recommend flying into the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) from there; the retreat house is less than 30 minutes away. Uber is an option, as is renting a car.

Another option is Denver International Airport (DEN) is approximately 90 minutes from the retreat house


Group Communication:

We will be using the app Signal to communicate as a group. This space will be used for notifications, pre & post-retreat integration work and possibly coordinate rides to/from the airport.


What to bring:

The most important thing is an open heart and mind, with a deep desire to connect with your truest self.

Comfortable clothes – preferably lighter colors. Ceremonial clothes are always a plus, but not mandatory.

*Many have chemical sensitivities and allergies. Please do not wear perfume, scented lotions, or use scented fabric softener sheets.

water bottle

Journal/pen – We will be doing a lot of journaling, some like to purchase a new journal for this experience.

*Colorado weather can be all four seasons in one day! Please check the weather for Colorado Springs when packing. 


Optional Items:

Favorite blanket or other comfort items

Drum or Rattle

Item to place on the altar

Items to share – teas, crystals, essences, or other heart offerings



Retreat Prep – a week to 3 days before your retreat, please restrict the following things:

Alcohol (7 full days, please)



Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) (7 days before)


Red Meat (Chicken, Turkey, & Seafood are fine)


Fried foods

Processed foods

**Prescription meds

(**When you filled out your intake form, if there was an RX that you needed to stop prior to the ceremony, I would have let you know.  Remember to check with your doctor prior to stopping all medication. If you started to take a new prescription after you completed the intake form, please notify me immediately.) 

Retreat Aftercare:

Give yourself at least one day after the retreat before returning back to your normal routine. Limiting electronics is also very beneficial. 

Please refrain from all alcohol for at least 4 days after your retreat. It does not mix well with the plant medicines. 

Commit to the after retreat integration & meetings.


There is a 700.00 Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit that covers expenses that cannot be recouped if you choose not to go. 

The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to your retreat date. 

You will NOT be refunded if you cancel your retreat after full amount is paid. Instead, you will be able to reschedule your retreat to another date within one calendar year.

Payment can be made by Venmo, Zelle, Stripe or Paypal.   Let me know what works for you.


Questions? Email at [email protected]

Are you ready to take the leap?

Fill out the intake form

Once that is reviewed and all your questions are answered, you will be sent an invoice so that you can pay your deposit.

My experience with Jenny and Danny was profound on an emotional, spiritual, and molecular level. The ceremony and medicine are a little like a cheat, it gives you permission to bypass years of meditation and introspect to breakthrough your barriers in an unexplainable experience. Thank you Jenny and Danny for taking on the path of being tools of the Almighty

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Meet your hosts – Jenny & Dan Schiltz:

We have been Divine Partners for more than 30 years, raising 4 children and we are now blessed with 4 grandchildren. As a couple, our healing journey began the moment we met.

Now we have joined as Divine Healing Partners, training together on various plant and jungle medicines that have shifted and awakened us to even deeper levels within ourselves and within our relationship. 

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