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Are you ready to take a deep dive into yourself? 

Are you ready to take your healing and presence to the next level?

This retreat is exactly what you are looking for!

Experience a small group retreat that blends Shamanic healing

with plant medicine that will help take you to the next level!

Take the leap and find yourself, your tribe and a deep sense of renewal.

Watch the incredible testimonial regarding the Visionary Healing Retreats with Jenny & Dan Schiltz.

Immerse yourself in the world of plant medicine & ceremony!

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

3-day Powerful Immersion & Integration Container 

with an optional day of Kambo

February 23 – 26th, 2024

Colorado Springs

Retreat is Full!

* Kambo is an option for the 22nd

3-day Powerful Immersion & Integration Container 

with an optional day of Kambo

Colorado Springs

8 spots available 

What you will receive:

Opportunity to experience multiple medicines such as Mapacho, Hape’, Cacao, & DMT and others to help you expand your consciousness and connect to your truth, the universe, and your potential.  

Experience the beauty of shamanic healing and clearing.

Allow ceremony to help you connect to the Sacred within yourself. 

Allow your Soul to rest and be held with breathwork & meditation.

Connect with like-minded souls that can help support you on your healing journey. 

Receive assistance integrating your experience during the retreat and group integration meetings after the retreat via zoom. 

Work with Jenny & Danny Schiltz and experience the loving energies of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.

Experience being held in a safe loving container, the perfect space to experience these Sacred medicines and heal deeply.

Small group setting in a private home with fresh, nutritious meals that will help you to anchor the healing.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Fill out the intake form

Once that is reviewed and all your questions are answered, you will be sent an invoice so that you can pay your deposit.

Cost:  $2200  ($2000 for returning retreat members)

Three-day complete healing immersion retreat. This includes food & shared accommodations, pre & post integration assistance.

Food will be clean with gluten-free & vegan options available.


There is a 800.00 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit that covers expenses that cannot be recouped if you choose not to go. The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to your retreat date. 

You will NOT be refunded if you cancel your retreat after the full amount is paid. Instead, you will be able to reschedule your retreat to another date within one calendar year.

Payment can be made by Stripe or Paypal.  

I have been served medicine by Jenny and Danny; both held a soft, safe space. Their presence and guidance in each session always hit where it needed to. They are able to efficiently and effectively deliver medicine while, spiritually guiding you through wherever and whenever you need to be, both together and as individuals.

Joe P.

What is a Cacao ceremony?

Ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool for diving in deep and connecting with your soul. Cacao ceremonies are designed to foster grounding, connection, and heart-opening. It helps with uplifting one’s mood, increases vitality, and opens the heart space & intuition.

The cacao tree is native to tropical regions in Central and South America, and its fruit was consumed by pre-Columbian cultures like the Mayans over 4,000 years ago.  The word “cacao” comes from the Mayan words “Ka’kau” meaning “heart blood”. The blood connection comes from the belief that the Mayan gods bled onto the Cacao pods, and cacao was considered one of the ingredients used to create humanity. It was believed that the gods gifted cacao to the people directly. Often called the “Food of the gods”, the Mayan believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connection to the Divine.

If you have eaten chocolate, you have eaten cacao seeds. Ceremonial cacao however is prepared differently and often in the same Mayan tradition of the ancestors. 


What is Mapacho?

Mapacho, the amazonian tobacco, (Nicotina Rustica) is considered a powerful grandfather medicine. This is a master plant of the Amazonian healing traditions, the strongest of all teacher plants, connected to all 4 elements (earth, air, fire, & water). This master plant has been used to clear and heal for over 8000 years. The smoke of this plant is not to be inhaled but rather used to clear and protect one’s energy field, bringing in relaxation and connection within the body.

What is Hape'?

Hape’ is made from finely ground Mapacho and the ash of other healing plants and is blown into the nostrils. The left nostril represents what we want to let go of, and the right nostril represents what we want to bring into our lives. Hape’ is a cleansing medicine that brings balance, connection, and a clearer, sharper focus. It assists in grounding and harmonizing the body and nervous system. 

What is Bufo (DMT)?

Bufo comes from the Bufo Alvarius toad found in the Sonoran Desert Region of Mexico. The secretion from this toad is a 5-MeO-DMT, which is referred to as the ‘God Molecule’ as it is life-altering and powerfully transformative.

Bufo helps you to tap into your Soul, and it can show you a new way. A new way to heal, a new way to be, and a new way to see yourself and your experiences.  It helps connect you with the part of you that has anxiously been waiting for you to align and become. It can help you work past your traumas by giving you the courage to face & break through traumatic experiences. It then helps you to come to a beautiful space of forgiveness, love, and oneness with the universe.

Many researchers are studying Bufo as a viable treatment for healing traumas and other mental health conditions. The medicine takes effect within minutes, and the experience lasts between 15 minutes and 1 hour, yet it feels much longer. Some describe it as a fusion with God, bringing in oneness with the universe and the feeling of being reborn. Many experience Samadhi the experience of becoming one and having the ego &  mind dissolve.



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I have never felt so safe and grounded. Jen & Dan hold a space of integrity, one in which you can open up, untether, completely surrender and feel absolutely held in the process. The marrying of their masculine and feminine energies is the sweetest medicine. I am eternally grateful for their love and warmth.


Pictures from the Previous Retreats!

Sometimes you don’t know how deep your pain goes to the center of your soul, how much soul you’ve lost, and how much of a shell you’ve built up to protect yourself.  Danny & Jenny were astounding.  I went into this (1st time), not fully knowing what to expect.  At the point where we needed to set intentions, I was taken way off guard by the knowledge that Jenny already had about me, my history, my pain, and what I really had intentions for.  Truth, knowledge, patience, etc…. those were good thoughts. But Jenny had more depth than I was comprehending at that point.  She was seeing inside me what I didn’t see for myself.  She knew of 4 years of my life that have traumatic pain.  4 separate years from age 5 to 35…. that I repressed somewhat.  As a man, we’re taught to be tough, stand up, and get back to work.  At age 5, I started this process of ‘coping’ because I wasn’t allowed to heal from my trauma.  I had to adapt and overcome.  What she saw has me crying every time that I think about it.  And after the session, I felt a huge weight come off of me.  My shoulders felt lighter.  Now…. there’s a lot to unpack after this experience.  And a brain isn’t capable of taking all of this and just putting it in front of you.  I am sure there will be months of bits of information that is going to keep adding up to a clearer picture.  But for now, I have solace in knowing that something went to work within me, without me knowing. Approximately 30 minutes of time I don’t remember because too much happened, and it will take more time to understand in glimpses.  

But to boil it all down, the homey atmosphere, the amenities provided, the calm and safe environment, and the professionalism by these two….. it made it a pleasurable experience.  I wasn’t scared.  I wasn’t uneasy.  I went into it with the comfort of a mother holding me.  They really do take care of you.  Not just the soft spot, but it was like being gently held through a very new and unusual place.  A place that I am sure I will find what I’ve been looking for (without even knowing it).  My heart is brimming with love and I’m glad they are both here on this earth to help in God’s work.  

Brennan Patten

I just completed the April retreat along with six other people. The spiritual aspect, the use of plant medicines, and Jenny and Dan’s loving support and guidance helped facilitate incredible and welcomed transformations for all of us. 
The plant medicine, along with Jenny’s shamanic knowing and guidance, helped “fast track” the discovery and process for releasing blocks, confusion, and schisms that sabotage, entities and implants, all of which occurred for us. Never having taken hallucinogenics before, I knew that in the safety and spiritual space created and held by Jenny and Dan, I could let my guard down and connect with my “I am”, expand my potential and access to the All-knowing, and manifest in the daily life. 
I was able to achieve and experience more than I could have hoped. In addition, I witnessed and received nonjudgmental support and love from my newly actualized retreat sisters and brother.
“We are…, I am…, ONE…” through and with source love. 💕💫
Lyn Bonk

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Meet your practitioners – Jenny & Dan Schiltz:

We have been Divine Partners for more than 30 years, raised four girls, and are now blessed with four grandchildren. As a couple, our healing journey began the moment we met. We have loved each other through the ups and downs and shifts of life while growing and pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. 

Now, we have joined as Divine Healing Partners, training together on various plant and jungle medicines that have shifted and awakened us to even deeper levels within ourselves and within our relationship. 

I have been immersed in the healing and plant medicine world as a Shamanic practitioner, channel, and intuitive guide for over a decade, helping many clients all over the globe.  Besides being my rock through my spiritual journey, Dan is a contractor who has brought many of my physical visions to life. He has now become my partner in healing others. He has been working with plant medicines for three years, assisted with Sacred Journeys, and brings a grounded, practical approach to healing work.

Together, we bring a beautiful combination of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Hieros Gamos. 

    I want to take this time and write how grateful I am for Jenny introducing me to alternative healing medicines. When I moved to Colorado, Jenny introduced me to a kambo retreat. These medicines really shifted my life and assisted me in ways I can’t explain. After our retreat, Jenny and her husband Danny followed their hearts to become practitioners in different types of alternative medicines. This was very exciting for me because I have been working with Jenny for you a few years, and when she became a plant medicine practitioner, I knew I could trust her and Danny with helping me with my healing process through these medicines. 

    I recommend anyone who is really needing to heal their trauma and get through layers of healing I strongly suggest working with Jenny and Danny.  Jenny has been the one to personally serve me the medicine, but just the presence of these two working together brings in the mother and father energy of the divine union. The calmness that Danny has brings in true fatherly love. The support and understanding Jenny gives bring you a motherly hug.  

    They are both highly professional and organized during these ceremonies, helping you to set your intention so that you can dig fully into the root cause and bring healing. With this, you feel completely safe with the medicines and can truly help where you may have felt stuck in your healing process. It is life-changing and helps to break through the unhealthy ego. 

    I have personally worked on ancestral trauma, worthiness, and shame. I have tackled physical and emotional wounds. I have trusted these two completely during my journeys. If I had partaken in these medicines on my own it would not have been the same experience. Having practitioners that you trust along with respect and ceremony changes everything. 

    Thank you, Jenny and Danny, for being so supportive on my journey, teaching me, and showing me my true self. 

    Sierra O.

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    Are you ready to take the leap?

    Fill out the intake form

    Once that is reviewed and all your questions are answered, you will be sent an invoice so that you can pay your deposit.

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