Are you Ready to Walk in Your Personal Power?
Are you ready to Set Yourself Free from Limitations?
Are you Ready to Embody all that you Are?

At the moment of conception, we were whole, perfect and had our complete Divine Blueprint, the sum total of all that you are downloaded. Then we experienced our first separation as the cells divided us by race and gender. We took on our families ancestral DNA, health patterns, as the cells split. We then were born into a particular nation, religion or lack of religion, and a set of family and societal beliefs. 

Each of these stacked one on top of the other, telling us who we are, how we are supposed to act, and what we are to believe. 

On our spiritual journey we are being asked to unravel that separation, see through the conditioning and return to the oneness within ourselves so that we may activate our Divine Blueprint and the totality of our Soul. 

While we cannot change some things such as our race, we can unravel all the programming that came attached with it. 

Once we become truly empowered in our own lives we begin to act from the heart space with greater ease, we are able to maintain  healthy boundaries, heal our traumas, and begin the journey of returning to the Divine Blueprint of wholeness and unity within. 

Embodiment is the Removal of all Separation within, Walking in our Personal Power is how we remove the separation. 

Allow this workshop to help you work through the programming that you know of and the programming you are not aware of as it is so entrenched.  

Join me for this Amazing 4 Part Workshop!


Learn what Sananda (Soul Source for the human life as Jesus) tells us the 5 steps needed for Empowerment!

In this Workshop:


 – Learn the 5 main things we need to work on, heal, and understand to walk in our own personal power.


– Learn what some of the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Councils have to say about empowerment.


– Learn how to see and unravel obligations and expectations that keep us living in limitation.


– Learn 7 concrete ways to help you work through fears that can cripple your potential and manifestation.


– Learn how to forgive yourself, set yourself free from the doubt, shame and guilt that we may have taken on.


– Learn ways to increase your self love and how to honor yourself and your boundaries.


By Walking in Your Own Empowerment, you Naturally Empower Others!


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This workshop is the perfect balance between interactive facilitator led instruction and online self-study.

We will meet 4 times via zoom for 90 minutes each time. We will go over what you learned from the online lessons, as you go deeper into the 5 steps of becoming Empowered.

This workshop provides a space for deep introspection and journaling. Each session will be 2 weeks apart, so that you have plenty of time to digest the information and formulate questions. This also gives you more time to dig in and complete the exercises.

Two dates and times available for the 90-minute zoom sessions:

Monday Evening Class – 5:30 pm MST

Session 1:  January 11, 2021
Session 2:  January 25, 2021
Session 3:  February 8, 2021
Session 4:  February 22, 2021

Thursday, Day Class – 11:30 am MST

Session 1: Jan 14, 2021
Session 2: Jan 28, 2021
Session 3: Feb 11, 2021
Session 4: Feb 25, 2021

This is a great course in learning how your own fears and limiting beliefs can
disempower you. I learned valuable lessons on how to forgive myself and others and
how to reconnect with my true self in order to take back my own power. – Kelsey K.

The class really pushed me to look at the areas of my life that I had limited myself or allowed
myself to be taken advantage of. It pushed me to see all these areas that needed work and the
course gave me simple but powerful ways for me to start to take my life back and become the best empowered
version of myself. – Nikki P.

Taking Jenny’s course has been life changing for me. Her view of existence and spirituality and
the world is delightful and fun! She walks you through the deep work necessary to heal your
heart and soul with ease and grace. Perhaps most importantly, she encourages you to take
what works for you and leave what doesn’t. What works for one person may not work for
another, and only you know your experience. My outlook on life and the world is so much
brighter after taking her courses and I continue to work and learn and grow everyday! I feel as
though I am finally coming home to me. – Lelayna

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