What an amazing and excruciating time it has been. There seems to be an emotional component to this energy that is digging up areas where one feels unworthy, hopeless and that all of this is futile. We need to simply observe this energy and let it pass on through. Some are feeling very misunderstood and even invisible. Understand that this happens as we shift frequencies. If we move higher than the majority around us, it can feel like we are speaking a different language. While this can be disheartening, know that it is proof that you are indeed shifting.

Another thing coming up for so many now is the need to trust deeply in one’s own self. That more than ever discernment is the key. If things do not resonate with your soul then simply let them pass on by. With all that is shifting around us, it is very important that one stay centered in their own reality. As humans we can very easily move from our center, our truth and go into another’s. Yet it is this action that actually dis-empowers us, causing much grief. We are learning that we can have compassion for another without buying into their version of reality. I find that I can move easily from my reality of heart centeredness when my children come telling me how they feel they have been wronged or mistreated by others. The mama bear wants to come screaming forward. Yet, they don’t need a mother to commiserate with them, rather they need someone to remind them that in all things, there is an opportunity to grow and that in the big picture, all is in the highest good.

We are becoming the shelter in the storm as we pull people into our calm without allowing ourselves to be pulled into the chaos. To remain deeply rooted in our center, we must trust ourselves completely and stay on our own path. It is understanding that we all have our own truth, our own personal hologram of the experience we want on earth and we each create our own reality while contributing to the collective timeline.

The challenge becomes: Can we believe in ourselves, our guidance, and our intuition when all around tells us that we are wrong? As we continue on this journey of embodiment, we must have the courage, the fortitude, and the resilience to trust ourselves completely. The truth is, how can we possibly embody our soul if we don’t completely trust it?

I was struggling with the concept of staying on my own path when the universe, as it always does, showed me in more concrete ways. We went hiking over the weekend on an ambitious trail and while I made it up fine, the descent was slow. The skies were threatening a downpour which can be dangerous on steep mountain trails susceptible to run off. Everyone on the trail wanted down as fast as possible. I am a slow hiker and to accommodate those with the ability to run, I kept moving from the center solid lane, over to the high side. This part of the trail was not even and I tweaked my knee, bad. It swelled quickly and each step was painful as I struggled to bend the knee. My husband came back to me as he was up ahead with our daughter. He saw my pain and labored walk and I told him what happened. He looked at me and says – You stay in your own lane, don’t move from that center. If people choose to run, they can go around you.

A few minutes passed and another group of young runners came up and my husband looks at me and says “STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE”. At that moment it clicked and if I didn’t hurt so badly, I would have laughed. I had moved from my center, I had accommodated another, didn’t honor myself and got injured and completely caught in that downpour. My safety is to stay in my center, in my truth completely connected to my soul.

The universe definitely tested my new found resolve to stay in my center. I read an article that the Schumann resonance had spiked and I went within confirming that there was a spike and was told how it was affecting people.  I published a blog stating that there was a spike and what it meant for us physically and mentally. While most resonated with the piece and corroborated the effects being experienced, there has been much buzz about the science behind the spike.  This absolutely caused me to go into doubt as I am not science minded and I drove my team crazy confirming again and again that I heard correctly.  They explained that much is changing on our planet with the frequencies and technologies and much will be released moving forward that will not be understood, believed and it may simply be squashed.

What I have come to realize is that I have no clue what the truth is. The more I look at the world around us and how much is fabricated, it is so hard to discern the truth. That is the point I feel, to destabilize us completely so that we give over autonomy to some power perceived greater than us.  We have meteorologists who can’t report on chemtrails without the fearing job or tenure loss.  We have newscasters that can’t speak about the fabrications without fear of reprisal. We have heard that live feed from space has been manipulated through the time delay and those that report it are ridiculed. We know that there is frequency warfare taking place, which may explain the spikes, yet it is not acknowledged in the mainstream. For every argument there is a counter argument and it is the perfect set up to keep people arguing for or against something. It creates so much distraction and ego. The spiritual community is not immune to this at all and it is happening in every community.

Even with all this, I have the firm belief that all is in service to the Divine and what has been hidden is now a catalyst for great awakening.  However, it does mean that we must use our discernment and run everything by our own gut, our own intuition. All I, or any of us have is our own inner guidance and our task is to make it as clear a connection as possible. This is where staying in our own lane is essential. We must trust ourselves completely in spite of all around us pointing to the contrary. As my higher self said “Why would you allow a blind man to tell you what a rainbow looks like?”   With so many agendas and distortions running amok in our world, we must take what resonates, relate it to our own truth and simply walk away from the rest.

The purpose of this is greater than we may realize. New healing modalities are coming forth that will challenge what was known and accepted previously. I have a client that received a new reiki symbol and has had success using it. If she had doubted the information, she would have stopped the flow of potential coming forward. Our job now is to be strong within ourselves, confident and secure so that we can trust what we receive allowing a much deeper connection with our soul. So much is coming to light and at the same time so much disinformation is out there too. It is up to each of us to determine what resonates within. The only way to really feel what matches our vibration, our frequency is to be centered and in our own lane. This takes practice and I have no doubt in my mind that each of us will be presented with situations that move us from our core, so that we can then see what issues block us from always being centered and the walking embodiment of our soul.

Onward we go, growing, learning and exploring. Sending you all much love and support.



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