I wanted to share with you a brief update. We are really in it and going deeper and deeper within ourselves.

We are in a time of seeing our deepest shadows, individually and collectively. Some of you have been doing this for a while, but now it has truly escalated. There is an energy pushing, urging saying “Now is the time”.

The shadow is the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to see, feel, or even acknowledge. These don’t necessarily have to be negative aspects, as many of us hold our gifts in the shadow; we just may be afraid to unleash them.

When we are confronted with our shadow, we need to stare it straight in its face and own it. Yet, often, we go into denial and shove it down further, or we can go into judgment of ourselves and others.

When we are sitting in judgment of others, it can be a distraction or deflection from having to deal with what is really going on within. Instead of judgment, what is being asked of us is to hold forgiveness truly. This is often the first step many need to take before moving into allowing and true neutrality.

If we cannot forgive, it’s being asked that we try gratitude. “Thank you for having and living that experience, so that the whole can learn.”

The more we can walk in another’s shoes and learn from their experiences, the faster we will move through this ascension and evolutionary growth.

Understand that if I judge someone for driving under the influence, the past life within me that did the same would stay buried and unresolved. It will not come to the surface to be healed and integrated. It would hide and go deeper into the subconscious.  It could express itself as feeling chronically guilty or even feeling like I have to make up for something and prove my worth constantly. When I choose not to judge the person who drove impaired but rather thank them for the experience they had so that the whole can learn, I then create room for the matching past life within to be healed and integrated.

Instead of judging, Spirit has advised that we take a moment to go within and say, “ I forgive myself for any times that I have (…).” You do not need concrete knowledge that you experienced a life driving under the influence etc.; simply forgive yourself for IT ALL. At this point, many of us have literally BEEN IT ALL and DONE IT ALL. Dark, light, good, evil, and everything in between.

The highest purpose right now is to remove all separation and return to oneness. We cannot do that from any place but within ourselves first.

We must come to a place of reconciliation within to return to our wholeness. It is through our wholeness that we will truly remember all that we are and return home within.

I wanted to send this quick update to you in writing, but I have begun sharing updates more and more through video. To stay updated, please ensure you subscribe to the YouTube channel. Subscribe here

I hope that this message finds you well and shifting through all of your layers. Things are speeding up exponentially and we have the potential to make a HUGE evolutionary leap in the near future.

Sending you all lots of love,


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Jenny Schiltz -


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