The anxiety that many feel as they go through this process can be pretty crippling and make one question their sanity. When I started this process intensely a few years ago, I would wake and become overcome with anxiety and have to soothe myself back to sleep with guided meditations or Binaural beats. Now, I only experience that anxiety on occasion, and when it happens, I don’t like it any more than I did a few years ago.

This post has been previously posted. However, the information is very fitting for now. As we are not all at the same stage in this process, some are experiencing this for the first time. Others are feeling it but are witnessing it leave rather quickly. Others still are not affected at all. How you perceive the energy is not an indicator of where you are in the process. One may have experienced this anxiety years ago but is now clearing a deeper level and are now feeling their way through the emotions contained within the new stage. I have added things that I have learned since it was originally published.

The other morning, I woke and felt fine for the first minute or two, but then the anxiety and self-doubt came flying in. The depth of it surprised me. When I couldn’t shake it after getting ready for the day, I sat in meditation and asked for help.  Thankfully, members of my team arrived, and the first thing I heard was:

“Nature Abhors a Vacuum” 

They explained that through the night, we release so much density, anchoring new grids and frequencies that we create space within. Upon immediate awakening, we feel good, refreshed, and clear, but due to the space made the universe fills that vacuum by attracting to us what we still carry inside: the worry, the doubt, the fears.

They showed me that it is our job to awaken and fill ourselves with Source energy and that as we do this, the universe sends us more light as like attracts like. Part of our purpose on earth is to master energy, master ourselves, and our creation.  In other words, we are in charge of our energy and the frequency it attracts. We can either allow it to be a magnet for all the parts that still need healing and worked through, or we can call in the frequency that we want.

The fastest way to bring this to yourself is to be in a state of gratitude. Start listing all the things you are grateful for and send blessings to people and places; feel this vibration in your being. Feel how this brings ease back into the body. Then sit and bring light down upon you; see it coming from an endless source above, down through your crown and flowing through every inch of your body, settling deep into the earth.  Feel the joy and peace fill you. This is your natural state. The anxiety you feel is the product of the filters, beliefs, and experiences of this and other incarnations that need to go.   At any time, you can bring yourself back to your natural state by practicing gratitude and sending blessings to others.

Another reason for the anxiety is directly related to our body. As these light codes flood our earth changing our very structure the body becomes confused and fearful. It does not understand what is taking place and sends signals that something is wrong. We then go into the thinking brain and assign reasons why we feel this way. Once we assign reasons for the feeling we bring it into this Now. We are the ones recreating the old on a daily basis. Just as we are the ones who can consciously choose to vibrate at a different frequency.

The next time you feel this physical anxiety; heart palpitations, shortened breath, or all over body aches; talk to your body as it has consciousness. Tell it that all is well and that what it is feeling is normal. Talk to your body like it is a scared 5-year-old child and express gratitude for all your physical form has done to support you in this incarnation. This is an important step in becoming a partner with your body, which is essential for this transition.  When the heart chakra opens it can really cause pain much like a panic attack. I notice that when I sit folded into myself with my arms blocking my chest that my heart charka is getting quite a workout. Talking to your body, telling your chakra to open, open fully and to release all that it is holding that no longer serves will help. When this first started for me, I would feel these feelings and contact my husband and children to make sure they were safe lol. My mind told me that my heart was breaking and there had to be a reason for it and I immediately went to what I hold so dear.

I do want to make note that if you have concerns about your physical well-being and have fear that something is wrong, please go see a doctor. Hearing that they find nothing wrong with you can be comforting in times like this.  To handle these energies, I am seeing a Chiropractor that helps me move stuck energy through the body. The effects of this transition on the body are intense and sometimes we need assistance.

In addition to the above there are other ways to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of solar flares, light codes and emotional clearing:

Hydration: We can be very easily dehydrated while being bathed in intense energy. When the body is dehydrated it sends distress signals which we may read as anxiety. These can include headaches, heart palpitations and crankiness. The entire body’s stress levels go up when the form is dehydrated. 

Salt & Crystal baths: I personally like Himalayan Salt and Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst in my bath.  Baking soda is a help for those detoxing their body as it removes toxins.

Essential minerals and vitamins: This process is hard on the body. It can deplete us rather quickly of magnesium, potassium, vitamin D and cell salts. I have found my preferred Magnesium is a triple magnesium. I also use Hylands Bio plasma 12 Cell salts and Theanine Serene with Relora to help with nervous system overload. Most recently I have found the need for a trace mineral supplement. These work for me but may not for everyone. Check your own body for what works and trust what you receive. 

Essential oils. Rose helps to naturally raise your vibration, lavender can help to calm you, and the citrus & mint smells can help to energize. Peppermint can also help with any nausea.

Meditation: Try different forms, chanting, guided meditations, walking meditations or binaural beats. Have fun with it and open yourself to different methodologies. Alternate nostril breathing can bring such clarity.

Getting outside. Nature is here to help us. When you can get outside, go for a walk, sit in the fresh air and soak up the sun. Sitting against a tree and connecting to its energy is so very healing as well.  Bring in cut flowers can help when the weather is bad as well.

Exercise. I find that my clients who handle the physical strain of ascension with ease are those who exercise on a regular basis. Walking, yoga, tai chi, honestly whatever you like to do that moves the energy through you is good. My husband likes to snowboard and mountain bike. I know that when you feel completely exhausted and the body aches, the thought of exercising is hard. Try Yin Yoga, which is a combination of meditation and deep stretching and it brings so much relief. You can find all kinds of exercise classes on YouTube.

Writing. Get all you are feeling out on paper, write and write being brutally honest until you feel that sigh of release. Then sit and allow spirit to come in and then write from that point of view.

Talk with your guidance team: Each of us has a whole team of guides and angels that love to be called on. Ask them to give you reassurance, help with the energies, and synchronicity. Make sure you give permission to be helped in all ways. Then be present, aware and open to receive all of the blessings.

Watch your thoughts. This is by far the most important thing. What is your reaction when you hear a solar flare or an energy event is coming? Do you dread it and want to lock yourself away? Or do you meet the challenge with anticipation for the growth that is coming? It’s OK to feel bad or low, just don’t stay in that place. You shine far too great for that.

Change your perspective. When the energy is nailing your heart chakra tell yourself “Good! things are clearing out that I no longer need.”

I hope that this information is helpful and that you are able to ease the anxiety that you feel.  The energy that is coming in is pushing us in all ways to REMEMBER who we are. Thank you to all who share this work!

Much love and blessings to you all! ❤ ❤ ❤



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