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Receive Healing in time for this Powerful 7/7/7 Gateway!

The Corridor between the Solstice and Lion’s Gate is intense, powerful, and activating!

 We will be receiving energy from the Sirius Stargate July 3rd – 7th, that has the potential to catapult our growth.

Another major stepping stone on this corridor is the 7/7/7 gateway. The 7/7 has always been an opening, but this year it is even more potent as the year 2023 equals 7 as well. The triple 7 makes this portal even more important and auspicious

This is a Gateway where we are able to grow tremendously in our Spiritual Mastery and shift our vibrational reality significantly.

This healing has the theme of LIBERATION. It will help you untether yourself from limiting beliefs, programming, and realities. The more that these limitations are dissolved, the more we walk into our true creator self. This will help to create a foundation that allows us to handle the ups and downs as the ascension energies intensify, spiritually and physically. 

All will be spirit led and will include assistance & connection with all your layers: the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual layers. It will assist you in preparing for the upcoming Lion’s Gate as well. 

The initial healing will be done on July 4th, this is Independence day in America, and that collective energy of freedom will assist with this healing. You will receive an audio recording of the healing as a guided meditation for you to listen to and experience the healing again on the 7/7/7 Gateway. You will receive this recording on July 6th via WeTransfer, a file transfer service. This audio will be able to be listened to whenever you are needing the assistance it provides.

This healing is $22.22

Are you wanting greater assistance during this Gateway Corridor so that you are able to make the most of it?

This Gateway-to-Gateway Bundle is the perfect thing.

You will receive the following:

– 7/7/7 Gateway Healing ($22.22)
– Weekly exercise & information emailed to help you shift & stay connected until the Lion’s gate (sent every Sunday 7/9, 7/16, 7/23 & 7/30) ($14)
– Lions Gate 8/8 healing sent from Sarasota Florida & the incredible Stargate located there, sent on 8/5 to help you receive the 8/8 energies from a clearer space. ($33.33)

This Gateway healing bundle is $69.00


   ** If you have loved ones that you would like to add to the healing but do not feel you can get verbal permission, Spirit recommends that you think of them and ask their highest self. If you feel the answer is yes, then you may include them. 

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Free shipping for all orders over $99 (US Customers Only)


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