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Welcome to my site. I’m a Shamanic Quantum Healer, Kambo Practitioner & Intuitive Guide. I work with the body’s energy to see where there is dysfunction and then work to release it. This can be trauma, beliefs, and programming from this life, past lives, the inner child, shadow aspects, and things that present as physical issues. I work within the Quantum field to unravel programming, limitations, and beliefs that keep people trapped and looping.  I help people to see and understand why they do what they do or why they feel a certain way. This acknowledgment and understanding of programming is the first step towards deep, lasting change. I work to teach people how to ease their energetic field, create healthy boundaries, and open to their highest aspect and abilities.

Jenny Schiltz - no background imageAs a child, I could see and communicate with other beings and elementals. This ability was fostered and guided by my grandfather. He passed when I was eight, and in my attempt to find others to share with, I was met with fear and disbelief. I shut down my abilities and locked them away deep within myself.  I spent a good portion of my life repressing my natural abilities and living a life that was considered “normal.”  Not honoring who I am at my core caused poor health, physically and mentally. I suffered from depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

In 2005 my life took a new direction when I was hit by a drunk driver, which led to 3 major spinal surgeries. This “catastrophe” started my incredible healing journey. I opened back up to the Angels, Guides, Galactics, Ascended Masters, and Nature Spirits, but most importantly, to myself. They taught me how to heal not only physically but to heal my inner wounds and trauma from this incarnation and others. They continue to teach me as we go through this incredible Ascension process of embodying our divinity and becoming the crystalline plasma light body. My spirit team also has been instrumental in helping my work as a gatekeeper, earth-worker & anchor of the Divine Codes. I work closely with the earth and nature spirits to assist with clearing and reconnecting ley lines so that all can utilize the codes, particularly at Sacred Sites.

The healing techniques and understandings that the Angels, Masters, Guides, Galactics, and Elementals taught me are what I share with my clients, along with my training as a Quantum Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Kambo Practitioner, and Reiki Master.

My goal is to help you embody all that you are. Being a mother to 4 daughters and grandmother to 4 has helped me remain grounded and present even with all the changes taking place mentally, physically, and emotionally. This perspective allows me to understand the diverse aspects of going through a spiritual awakening while maintaining a foot in the world. My main goal is to empower you to look within, trust, and love yourself completely.

How I can assist your Journey to Self: I offer one-on-one sessions,  Group healing circles, and Aura Cleanses.

Let me know how I can assist you. I look forward to working with you!


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