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When the goddess calls…

Many of you know I have been traveling since 2018, working with the Ley lines, sacred sites, stargates, and crystal pyramids. Each place held codes—keys of remembering. These codes were hand-delivered to various locations where they sent an activation signal, were put into the appropriate grids, and shared in healings.

Each location has been rungs on a ladder, building off one another.

In 2023, I felt the call from the goddess Isis. It became even stronger when I was in France, working with the energies of Mary Magdalene. I knew then that my journey would take me to Egypt.

After France, I was guided to Honduras and Belize, where I worked with the 13 crystal skulls and activated the crystal pyramids for the next phase of our evolution.

Now, the next stop is Egypt!

I have been shown that I will be receiving codes – Vital keys of remembering, working with the energy centers, and the energy of the Divine Trinity.

The Divine Trinity is the energy of the Divine Feminine (Isis), the Divine Masculine (Osiris), and the Divine Child (Horus).  

This connects to our Inner Feminine, Inner Masculine, and Inner Child. We have the Trinity within us! Isis has explained that the codes are now available to help us shift from our wounded feminine, masculine, and child into the Divine aspects that aid our embodiment.

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There are also key codes available now that will activate within us the libraries of information about who we are and our true history!

These are deep within our cellular memory and ready to be unlocked. 


 Dan and I are taking 13 amazing souls on an incredible journey through Egypt. We are 15 total. 13 women and 2 men. These numbers are not by accident. It is beautifully designed as it activates the 13 goddess codes and connects us with the 13 crystal skulls.

We will visit many sacred sites, including the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the Philae temple (Isis’s temple), the temple of Horus at Edfu, and the Temple of Seti (Osiris’s temple), to name only a few. We will also work with the water of the Nile and Red Sea. 

As the trip date approaches, many of us are regularly working with Isis, Thoth, and other Ancient Egyptian deities. They are sharing with us the work that needs to be done, and it is incredible!

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The group sentiment is that this trip is BIG!

Big Personally and Globally as the scope of the Energy work becomes clearer.

I want to share these amazing sites, energies, codes & healing with you!

 You can sign up for the single healing from the Red Sea with Isis or receive multiple with the

Path of the Ancient Egyptian!  As part of the Path of the Ancient Egyptian you will receive energies, codes, and understandings from all the incredible places we will visit. It includes the healing with Isis from the Red Sea as well!

A code infused tincture is also available. Isis, herself, shared with me which essences had to be obtained for the mother tincture. This tincture will travel to all the sites and they will be infused with the codes to help you in Remembering Ancient Wisdom.

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Single Healing: 


This is a unique distance healing sent from The Red Sea with the incredible assistance of Goddess Isis! 

I was deeply honored when she agreed to help us all in this way.

This healing will be done on May 11th from the Red Sea in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians revered the Red Sea as Sacred & Mystical waters associated with the Goddess Isis.

This Distance Healing will be done on May 11th and you will receive an email detailing what was done by end of the day on May 14th.

If by May 14th, you have not received it, please check your spam folder. If you still do not find it, please email me.


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Register for Healing with Isis from the Red Sea by completing the form below:

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Multiple Healings:

If you have ever wanted to experience the energy and healing of the Sacred Spaces in Egypt, then this opportunity is for you!

The Path of the Ancient Egyptians is an opportunity to experience this profound energetic journey without having to travel.

The journey begins on May 5th and ends on May 11th. I will build a healing container that will say active throughout the whole trip.

 I will send you energies, codes, or understandings from the sites we visit; they are imbued with the mystery and the magic of Isis, Osiris, Horus & the Ancient Egyptians. You will receive multiple emails where I will share videos, pictures, understandings, and energy from the sacred sites.

You are also included in the healing with Isis from the Red Sea. 

Register for the The Path of the Ancient Egyptian healing experience by completing the form below by May 4th:

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Remembering Ancient Wisdom is a very special tincture. Isis designed it, sharing with me the essences needed. Codes and energy from sacred sites will be added to this tincture. The purpose of this healing elixir is to help you remember the ancient wisdom stored deep within your cellular memory.

The Acacia essence brings in the energies of rebirth, immortality, & sacred protection. Considered the tree of life and closely connected to the Goddess Isis.

Egyptian Jasmine aids in spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. 

Pink Lotus is a catalyst for change. It helps with greater understanding & enlightenment.

Willow assists us with letting go of the stories that keep us from embodying our truest selves.

The Blue Lotus, sacred to the ancient Egyptians, represents spiritual awakening and transformation. 

The gem essence Ruby helps us to stay devoted and inspired on the spiritual journey.

The element of Ether will assist in clearing and activating the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, 

These essences Combined are powerful. With the added codes and energies from the sacred sites in Egypt, it becomes extraordinary. The potential for it to awaken ancient wisdom is incredible.

Early Bird Sale before the trip starts! Grab yours now!

This healing is no longer available.
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