December 2022 Solstice Healing Meditation



The energies are growing more and more intense the closer we get to the Solstice on December 21st.

There is a reason that ancient societies built monoliths dedicated to tracking and honoring the great sun cycles, particularly the Solstices. The amount of energy available to us during this time is unbelievable. This year also is the 10th anniversary of one of the Mayan calendars ending on December 2012. Since that time, there have been multiple timelines in play. There are organic timelines that bring us closer to self-realization & Source, and there are inorganic timelines that draw us away from self and Source and into greater illusion and disempowerment.

I was deep in meditation on the 11th when Spirit asked that I assist by offering a Distance Healing. This healing will not only provide a clearing of energies and an activation of higher chakras, but it will also help with the connection and anchoring of the organic timeline. This combination will help you feel better in the energies, and stabilize the organic ascension timeline and your progress within that timeline.

This offer is not only a Distance healing, but also a recording of a healing meditation so that you can listen to it again and again. It can be used whenever there is an influx of energies from the gateways and alignments, such as the 1/1, 1/11, 2/2, etc.

Each time you listen, you will experience the clearing and be able to anchor in the light with greater ease.

  I am offering this Distance Healing on Sunday, December 18th.

I will send healing remotely to all that register, and you will receive an email via wetransfer with an audio recording of the healing. The Distance healing will take place on the 18th, and you will receive the recording by end of the day on December 19th, MST. This will ensure that you have it for the Solstice! 

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This healing is no longer available.

Experience a distance energetic healing session




This session is guided by Spirit to give exactly what is needed to help you move through the current energies.  We will be working with Frequencies, Morphic Fields, and other shamanic healing tools. 

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