This fall has been one intense energetic event to the next!


October gave us Eclipses that dug deep within us, leaving us feeling raw and vulnerable.  November has extraordinary energy pulses showing us even more of the unhealed portions within while helping to upgrade our DNA. December will give us the 12:12 alignment and Solstice. When I feel into January, it is the energy of new beginnings and something else that I can’t quite grasp. It feels that the power of January will depend on where we land after the Solstice. 

On top of all this, we are experiencing significant Solar winds, flares, and incredible amounts of plasma bombarding us. 

This can leave us energetically, emotionally, and mentally worn out and physically weak. The intensity of this Evolutionary process has intensified. It feels as if we’re being hit from all sides.

Look at the changes our Magnetosphere has undergone since 2009!

This is caused by our rapidly changing sun sending out powerful flairs and solar winds. These batter Earth’s magnetic shield, creating cracks and weak spots that allow in more significant amounts of radiation, plasma, space dust, and codes.

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As the magnetic shield around the earth weakens & cracks, we experience more significant radiation, plasma, and space dust. 

We are not separate from the earth; all that is taking place affects our energetic shield & body. It weakens and cracks the aura and the halo.

This can allow in energies that are not ours and frequencies that create intrusive thoughts & emotions. 

My team has asked that I offer to assist by offering a Shamanic clearing the energetic field, smoothing the jagged edges, helping to clear and open the chakras, and removing unwanted and unhelpful energies using shamanic techniques.  

Frequencies and healing modules will help bring the body back to balance.

I am offering three individual healings. You can sign up for one or all three.   

$11.11 per healing session

November 16, 2023 (already completed)

December 14, 2023

January 15, 2024


It’s an energetic tune-up and a gift of self-care for yourself. This healing is excellent for children and pets as well. 

After each healing, you’ll receive an email write-up or video describing what took place within 48 hours.


Sign up for energy healing to help you through this incredibly intense time.


Energetic Clearing - multiple dates

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