August 2022 Distance Healing Session

The intensity of this time is just incredible. I shared in a recent video what Spirit has shown me. The 3rd Dimensional grid is in full collapse mode. While it has been being dismantled for a while, we are in the completion portion.  Here is a link to the video: or simply watch below.

The 3D grid is not something that just lives out there, outside of us. It lives within us as well. It is attached to our lower frequency beliefs, understandings, traumas, & fears. As we progress on our journey to self, we collapse parts of the lower grids within, but we may have residual parts that need to disintegrate.

So much may be coming up now. Issues with relationships, jobs, health, fears and insecurities. Our job is to see it and root it out. These cannot go forward anymore. Triggers are abundant and in our faces.

What also makes this time difficult is that people we are surrounded by may not have the coping skills to manage or the ability to dig deep within themselves. When this is lacking, we may see them exhibit blaming, shaming and even gaslighting. All of this is very taxing on the nervous system and can cause overwhelm.

 To help ease this transition, I am offering a Distance Healing on Sunday, August 28th.

I will send healing remotely to all that register, and you will receive an email with an audio recording of the healing. It will be a healing meditation that can be listened to again and again, whenever you are struggling with the energetic shifts.

Fill out the form below to register for this Sunday, August 28th healing

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Experience a distance energetic healing session

This session is guided by Spirit to give exactly what is needed to help you move through the current energies.  We will be working with Frequencies, Morphic Fields, and other shamanic healing tools. 

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