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I hope that you have enjoyed today’s talk on Canceling Chronic Pain.  As a thank you for listening, please enjoy a healing meditation on how to cut energetic cords that can bring dis-ease to the body.

Please enjoy a 20% off coupon to purchase healing tinctures that work on our subtle bodies.  Tinctures such as Inner Calm help to ease anxiety and calm the nervous system or Inner Healing, which assists with healing trauma.

Please use coupon code: Cancel Pain when checking out.

To view all the tinctures available, click HERE.

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Chronic pain can be managed and healed by healing stuck emotions and trauma. One way we can hold onto emotions that cause pain is through energetic cords that no longer benefit us. 


Fill out the form below to receive a frequency infused guided meditation that helps you to cut the ties that bind.

Cancel Chronic Pain Summit

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