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What is a Quantum Aura Cleanse?

The Quantum Aura Cleanse is a program that sends beneficial frequencies that help to keep your aura clear.

It assists the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical layers of our being. 

We are constantly barraged by negative frequencies such as EMFMicrowaveCellularRadio-wave, and other targeted frequencies. I live in the middle of 5 military bases, including Norad. There were times that Spirit would tell me to protect my home and family from some incoming wave from these installations. I asked Spirit to assist me, and within 24 hours, I was led to this Quantum program. I immediately purchased and programmed protection for my home & family and noticed a difference right away.


If negative frequencies can be sent that disrupt our fields, then, of course, helpful frequencies can

be sent to counter-act and protect us!


Aura Cleanse members are sent helpful frequencies daily. It is programmed with the following frequencies that clear and assist.

  • Clear & remove all harm from 5G transmitters and Signals
  • Emotional clearing, bringing in relaxation
  • Mind/Attitude Balance
  • Master Armor of God
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Deep Clearing Protocol
  • Delete non-beneficial matrix energies
  • Balance the five elements within (air, earth, water, fire, spirit)
  • Ease Anxiety, Irritability, and Restlessness
  • Clear EMF
  • Psychic Energy Clearing
  • Radiant Health
  • Auric Stabilizer, Shielding & Protection
  • Harmonize mind, body, emotions, spirit, and energies


Once these have run, your energy field is then charged with the following frequencies:

  • Joy
  • Excitement
  • Hope
  • Alignment with Soul Path


Each month, other frequencies may be added to assist us with the current energies. These can be modules that assist with a particular chakra, emotion, or even organs and systems. 

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