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A self-study online course to help you turn being an empath from a hindrance to a super power!


In this course, you will learn different ways to manage the empath trait in wonderful and healing ways.

What you will receive with this course:


11.5 hours of live zoom workshop


Recordings of each class



Daily meditation to support the transformation



Facebook community page so that you can connect with classmates and share your experiences as you move through this transformation process



3 weekly check-ins via video/written emails to help keep you on track for achieving your goals



printable workbook


The “Being An Empath Is A Super Power” course really helped me understand what was happening in my daily life. Coupled with “Self Care For The Energetically Sensitive,” it taught me how to control what I can, and deal with what I cannot. It’s an amazing course if you’re just starting to open up to your spirituality or if you just want to get to know yourself better. Either way, it’s a win win.

Linda Prevatte

Class Dates

Sun, Jan 22nd, 6-9 PM EST (4-7 MST)

Sun, Jan 29th,  6-9 PM EST (4-7 MST)

Sun Feb 5th, 7-8 PM EST (5-6 MST)

Sun Feb 12th, 7-8 PM EST (5-6 MST) 

Sun Feb 26th, 7-8:30 PM EST (5-6 MST)


*Recordings will be sent, don’t worry if can not attend live


Self-study Online Course: Being an Empath is a Superpower! 

Module I – Defining empath

Module II – Types of empaths

Module III – The empaths brain

Module IV – Management

Module V – Encompassing all

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You will be able to access and study your course at your pace and at any given time.

24/7 the study material will be available for you.

This course is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed in public
  • You feels you pick up other people’s energy and it impacts your moods
  • You are someone that is unable to differentiate between what is your energy or another person’s.
  • You need clear cut tools and practices to turn being an empath from a hindrance to a super power!

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