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  Pictures from Past Retreats

We came together as soul family, supporting each other on the journey.

I just completed the April retreat along with six other people. The spiritual aspect, the use of plant medicines, and Jenny and Dan’s loving support and guidance helped facilitate incredible and welcomed transformations for all of us. 
The plant medicine, along with Jenny’s shamanic knowing and guidance, helped “fast track” the discovery and process for releasing blocks, confusion, and schisms that sabotage, entities and implants, all of which occurred for us. 
Never having taken hallucinogenics before, I knew that in the safety and spiritual space created and held by Jenny and Dan, I could let my guard down and connect with my “I am”, expand my potential and access to the All-knowing, and manifest in the daily life. 
I was able to achieve and experience more than I could have hoped. In addition, I witnessed and received nonjudgmental support and love from my newly actualized retreat sisters and brother.
“We are…, I am…, ONE…” through and with source love. 💕💫

Lyn Bonk

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Meet your hosts – Jenny & Dan Schiltz:

We have been Divine Partners for more than 30 years, raising 4 children and we are now blessed with 4 grandchildren. As a couple, our healing journey began the moment we met.

Now we have joined as Divine Healing Partners, training together on various plant and jungle medicines that have shifted and awakened us to even deeper levels within ourselves and within our relationship. 

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