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Distance Healing from the Mayan Sacred Sites in Belize


Healing Tincture imbued with the energies of these sites

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Since 2021, I have been called to work with the Ancient Mayans. It began in Cozumel, where I was introduced to the Mayan goddess Ix Chel, the goddess of the Moon and her husband, Itzamna, the god of the Sky. I was called to Cozumel to activate the hidden pyramids deep in the water. If you would like to read on that experience, please click here: Activating The Hidden Pyramids – It Is Done! – Jenny Schiltz   

I was then called to Honduras 5 months later to activate the ancient codes, bringing in an alignment to assist with the Great Return. If you would like to read more about that, please click here:  Activation Of Ancient Codes That Assist With The Grand Return – Jenny Schiltz

From that point forward I found myself drawn to jungle medicines and I have been working with my Maya guides to bring in understanding of the Ancient Mayans. It was explained to me that the group of Maya that “vanished” did not do so due to famine, war, or natural disasters, but rather a group rose in frequency to the point that they disappeared from the view of those left behind.

In many ways it was a smaller version of the two-world split, as the ones left behind overtime became fearful and resorted to human sacrifice, even of infants and children. This was done to win favor with the gods so that they too may shift out of the current reality. These Maya experienced incredible famine, war, illness, and natural disasters that led to the decimation of the Mayan civilization and a scattering of the people. It also created within them a deep wound of abandonment and separateness from Source. Many of us have this deep wound as well, often reinforced by our current lives. 


My guides have asked me more than once “What do you think it was like for the ones that shifted their reality to such a degree that many believed they had vanished?” They ask me this question to root out my limitations and expand my understanding. 

Recently, Spirit has asked me to go to the sacred sites in Belize to assist with clearing the tainted energy and receive the codes that were left behind from the group that vibrated out of this reality.

It is now time for them to be received (we are ready!) and anchored into the higher grids that have recently been laid. Many of us were part of the original Mayan group, it was a test run for this massive ascension taking place now. Deep within we know that all of this is not only completely possible, but we have done it before. Now is the time that we access that deep knowing and do our part again.  I will be spending 10 days in Belize and celebrating my birthday while I am there, which feels very fitting.

The places that I know I will be visiting (probably more) are:

St. Herman’s Blue Hole – this cenote and surrounding caves were once a place of ceremony and rituals.

Xunantunich Maya Ruins – created in 1 B.C. it is a known ceremonial center and home of the “El Castillo”, one of the tallest structures in Belize

The ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) cavethis place was called the entrance to the Underworld. The shamans would commune with the gods and ancestors in this space. It later became a place of human sacrifice and is home of the “crystal maiden” a skeleton covered in lime deposits that give it a crystal appearance.

Altun Ha ruins – the largest ancient pyramid in Belize, the Temple of Masonry Altars

Lamanai Ruins – called the “submerged crocodile” it is deep in the jungle; these ruins are only accessible by water and is the home of the sacred Mask & Jaguar temples among others. 

Ambergris Caye  – this is the land near the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. I will be connecting with the sacred waters and the land where Maya communities lived on the island of San Pedro. It was a thriving trading post

I will be offering a distance healing to all that register on my last day from Ambergris Caye, once the codes have been gathered and the energy cleared from the sacred sites, and connect with the sacred waters.  These waters have been in my dreams and my Soul knows them well.

This healing is designed to help you raise your vibration, access the ascension codes and clear out where there may be distortions within that resonate with the feeling of being left behind, abandoned, and separated from Source.  Spirit will dictate the full scope of this healing and I as the vessel will bring it to you. 

I am also offering a healing tincture for those that resonate with the work being done in Belize. I will embed the sacred energies of these amazing sites into the “mother” tincture. Once I return, I will make the individual tinctures and send them out. This tincture can be used to help you connect to the one that remembers being fully connected. 


Heart of the Goddess - Ireland Healing Tincture

Purchase a Custom “Mayan Magic” Healing Tincture embedded with the energies of the Sacred Sites in Belize

If you have ever wanted to experience the energy and healing of the Mayan Sacred Spaces in Belize, then this tincture is for you. It will be imbued with the energy of sacred sites, the mystery, and the magic that is Mayan Culture.

This is a one-time offering of this tincture, as I am taking the mother tincture with me to the Sacred Sites in Belize; once it is gone, I will be unable to recreate it.  At each site, I will connect deeply with the land, feeling the ancient energies and embedding them into the tincture.


This tincture is designed to help you open to the energies within your Soul that resonate with the Maya people and traditions. The energies of these sites are powerful and life-changing. They bring us back to the time when a group of humans were able to vibrate out of the lower reality as we access the codes they left behind for this time. This tincture will help you connect to the energies of the sites, the parts of you that connect with the ancient cultures and knowing. 

Ingredients: Birch, Gorse, Grass of Parnassus, Lady’s Mantle, Rose Alba, Silverweed, Valerian, Elements of Fire & Earth, Gem Essences of Emerald & Sapphire. Charged Water, Energies from Belize’s Sacred Sites and Brandy or Glycerin as preservative.

Birch helps you to have Sacred Vision helping you to see through the limitations and misconceptions. Gorse brings in joyful connection & vitality. Grass of Parnassus helps open the heart and mind to receive Divine truth. Lady’s Mantle brings in Sacred Awareness that helps with the integration of the rational and intuitive mind and brings in wisdom through dream, symbols, and archetypes.  Rose Alba helps you to access your personal power and connect to your Soul’s wisdom. Silverweed grounds you while helping to calm the noise within and break through habitual blocks. Valerian helps you to center and align through lightness and joy.  The fire element works at the level of the solar plexus giving inspiration and the ability to make forward progress in your life. The earth element works on the root chakra so that you feel grounded and secure, this allows for the energies imbued into the tincture to integrate easier. Lastly, the gem essences of Emerald and Sapphire bring balance, clarity and intuition.

These Findhorn essences from Scotland are amazing alone but combined with the energies of the sacred sites in Belize, it is an extremely powerful medicine for you to work with.

15 ml is $33

30 ml is $44


Heart of the Goddess - Ireland Healing Tincture

Participate in a distant healing sent from Ambergris Caye on November 21st. 

This healing is designed to help you raise your vibration, access the ascension codes and clear out where there may be distortions within that resonate with the feeling of being left behind, abandoned, and separated from Source.  Spirit will dictate the full scope of this healing and I as the vessel will bring it to you. 

You may purchase this healing for loved ones and pets as well. 

Healing will be sent on Monday, November 21st and a write up of the healing will be sent by email at the close of business, MST, on November 23rd.  


This healing is no longer available.


Look at some of the places your Tincture will go!

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