In July 2021, I received the information that I needed to go to Cozumel to activate the underwater pyramids. You can read about that here. Activating The Hidden Pyramids – It Is Done! – Jenny Schiltz  It was an amazing journey that shifted my life and path completely. About a month after we returned home, I had a profound dream:


I was standing on the north end of the island on the white sand beach. I had fled to this space because the Spaniards invaded the island. I knew that, my love. (my husband now) had died trying to defend the temples and me.


This wave of sadness overcame me because I had really hoped that humanity would be able to shift, to ascend this time, but I was wrong. The majority were not ready. Humanity needed to go further into the darkness and separation.


I looked down and saw that I had slit my wrists all the way up my forearms. My blood was pouring into the sand below. I knew that I couldn’t allow myself to be taken. I began to chant what sounded like light language, and as I did, it looked like diamonds were flowing into the earth. I knew these were important codes, and as I lay down on the sand, I sent a prayer to the universe that I would remember and pick them up when it was time.


I woke up from a dream and shared it with my husband, telling him that we would be back in Cozumel in the future. I would know when.


Almost 2 years later, through a series of interesting events, we find ourselves heading to Cozumel again. Everything, including the arrangements, flowed with such ease. When this happens, I know that spirit has created the path; my human just needed to get a clue.


Once the plans were made, the dreams began. I was shown the first dream again of me, slitting my wrists and putting codes in the earth. What really knocked me over was the sorrow that I felt. Such deep, deep sadness.


Then in dreams, I saw the invasion of soldiers on the island. There were not many men on the island, not only because Cozumel was the female center, but as war ravaged the mainland of the Mayan world, the warriors had already gone. The temples were destroyed easily, and the females of power/rank were tortured and killed. The rest of the women were subjugated and raped.


I would wake, shaken and full of rage. It was like every wound of the goddess being squashed filtered through my body. I felt such anger at the masculine and at the church that had promoted such desecration and abuse as holy.


I prayed to be shown how to process the rage. I didn’t want it to spill into my life, tainting the lens through which I view the world and my relationships. I heard clearly, “shhh, rest now; go back to sleep.” I was surprised when I laid my head down and felt myself falling into a deep sleep within a minute. I was then shown many dreams, snapshots, really.


I saw a young boy watching his mother be raped; he felt helpless and terrified. Boys that had tried to stop what was happening were swiftly killed, and this caused more suffering to the mothers.


I was shown the masculine throughout the ages, being ostracized or beaten for being too feminine or for not following the predominant beliefs about women and their roles.


I was taken to a modern-day market, where a young boy fell down, skinning his knee and crying. His mother told him to be quiet, be a man, and stop being a sissy. I watched him at such a young age disconnect from his feelings and true nature.


I was shown women subjugating and degrading other women by normalizing the abuse, being used for sex, or even as breeding machines. Any woman that stood against what was happening was often put in her place by other women, even by their own mothers.


I watched women close themselves from their hearts as they aligned themselves with men for money (security) or protection, even if that meant not having love and/or being abused.


Snapshot after snapshot, I was shown how the patriarchal imbalance was a virus that damaged everything in its path. Nothing was left unscathed, not the feminine, not the masculine, nor the earth. It created a huge disconnect between the masculine and feminine within. The earth being feminine, was also subjugated and raped as the virus took over.


I woke from that series of dreams, no longer feeling rage within but rather deep compassion and sorrow for the entire experience.


We have learned so much through the experience of separation. We have felt the cost within every level of our being. I understood from the dreams just how far we have come with healing this wound. So many are working on opening their hearts and reconnecting with their true self and the earth. It is time for this wound to be healed, for the DNA to be repaired.


Cozumel is the perfect site to dive into this healing. The island of Cozumel held an important role in the Mayan world. It was the island dedicated to the goddess and, thereby, the woman.


The Maya believed that the closer to the sun, the better, as it was closer to the source of all life. It is interesting and telling that the area furthest east in the Mayan world was dedicated to the goddess IxChel and the women. IxChel is considered one of the most important in the Mayan pantheon, representing love, fertility, gestation, medicine, water, and the moon. She was also said to be the goddess of weaving, and not just baskets, but rather a weaver of creation. She was married to Itzamna, the sky god, and seen as the creator deity.


Before the Mayan empire fell, it was known that at least once in a woman’s life, she would make the pilgrimage to the isle. Here women will receive fertility, marriage, and birth rights. It was a place where women would go to connect with the goddess. While it was the feminine center, men were also welcome. They would come with their women, and they would also come to petition the goddess for abundant crops and fertility.


When you look up the invasion of Cozumel, it is reported that it was mostly peaceful. That a new race was born from the invasion, a mix between the Maya women and Spaniard men called the Mestizo. That the women of Cozumel were the first to inter-marry with the Spaniards. What is infuriating is that the truth of what happened was glossed over. It wasn’t a Disney movie where the remaining women magically fell in love with the soldiers and made babies. No, just like in so many wars, the women were raped, impregnated, and forced to marry.


All of this affects the DNA, the epigenetics through the generations. Trauma can impact one person’s line, but it changes everything when it is through an entire culture.


In the case of Cozumel, the women were also denied the freedom to worship their goddess. In fact, the first mass the Spaniards held in the Mexican territory was on Cozumel, at the temple Ka’na Nah or High House. It is said that this was the location of the altar to IxChel.


The women were, in one swoop, disconnected from their bodily autonomy and the freedom to worship as they wanted. This act has been repeated so many times and in so many locations throughout history.


When we were on the island in 2021, I went to some of the little chapels dedicated to Mother Mary. In those spaces, you could still feel the wisps of the goddess. She is still alive on that island, hidden in plain sight.


I then began to dream of the isle of Cozumel, when it was the women’s epicenter of worship. It was an important place to not only connect with the goddess, but they would also receive spiritual instruction.


I was shown how pregnant women would travel to the isle to not only receive physical care but spiritual care. First-time mothers, in particular, would have the Akashic record read for not only this child but the other children that were waiting their turn to be brought in. This helped mothers understand their children and the contracts created upon agreeing to be a portal and caretakers for other souls. Mothers would then receive assistance/counsel on how best to support their children and themselves.


Imagine if there were places like this today! Places where parents could receive understanding about their child’s path and assistance to make sure their limited beliefs and programming don’t stand in the way of that path.


I would wake from these dreams so full of joy. We know that all of this is possible again. What must be healed is the wound of the feminine within men, women, and the earth.


I will be going to Cozumel on the 25th of March. I asked spirit if it is an issue that I wouldn’t be there for the equinox and was told it is important that I do the work AFTER the equinox, not before. It was explained that people will be in a more conducive, receptive state to accept the innate feminine within after the energetic impact of the equinox portal.


I will be working with the Mayan ruins on the island and connecting deeply to the goddess, the sacred feminine. I also look forward to picking up the codes left behind so long ago.


I am offering a deep distance healing of the feminine wound (within men and women) while I am in Cozumel. I’ve gotten glimpses of what is being asked, and there will be work within the DNA. As with previous on-site healings, much will be revealed once I am there and during the healing.


This healing works on the deep core wound we all hold(separation from the true Divine feminine). It is a massive healing. Therefore, I am offering an additional healing to help clear what can get stuck in the field as we process healing on such a deep cellular level.


The initial healing will take place on the island of Cozumel, and the follow-up healing will take place a week later. The first healing will be given on March 30, and you will receive a write-up by the close of business on April 1st. If you choose to take part in the additional healing/integration, this will take place on April 7th, and you will have that write-up by the end of the day, April 9th.


It has been an intense three weeks since this trip was scheduled. I have felt gob-smacked by the understanding. I’ve had moments of joy and moments of the deepest grief. One morning after a particularly intense dream sequence, I decided to work with sacred Ceremonial Cacoa. This Cacoa is harvested by Mayan single mothers in Guatemala, holding true to the Mayan traditions. This beautiful plant medicine helped me to be fully open to the enormity of grief and find my footing in it. I sobbed for 45 minutes and emerged with greater understanding, grounding, and resolve.


It is time to heal this, to make the shift of the ages, and return to the unity of the feminine and masculine. WE ARE READY!


If you would like to take part in the healing event, please join below. I appreciate all that share this information and opportunity as I find posts such as these are shadow banned on social media.


Sending you all lots of love and unity.



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This healing has already begun. Please keep an eye out for new offerings. Have a beautiful day!


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